February 19, 2013

Sketches from LFW | Stripes at Pringle of Scotland

pringle sketch
Pringle of Scotland. Pencil and acrylic on cardboard.

I'm having a really good time sketching this fashion week series. My last drawing even got retweeted by the designer himself and they even shared the image on the Eudon Choi Facebook page.

I listened to a lot of Timber Timbre while making this.
I don't usually paint with acrylic but I really liked it and I think I might use it more from now on. I like how her face turned out, it's so cute and Asian and the way the dress shifts in and out of focus from the background but looking at it now I wish I did faint stripes on the right instead of no stripes at all fixed it.

Her face reminds me of these Chinese Four Beauties style drawings when I was obssesed with as a kid. My dad would always bring me books on how to draw them and I would spend hours sketching and copying their delicate faces and designing flowing ancient robes for them.

Pringle of scotland runway collage drawing stripes
London Fashion Week's last show just finished up a couple of hours ago, and we only have Milan and Paris left. I'm sure I'll be sad when this project is over but for now I'm really looking forward to drawing some of my favourite designers, Rick Owens and Prada coming up soon.

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  1. Love this so so much. Gorgeous work!

    1. Thanks so much Jeanine, I just checked out your blog. It's beautiful, I love the layout and you have great style!