August 6, 2012

Girl Stays Home All Month, Makes Baby.

 I've been hanging out at home all month listening to Fever Ray, watching Bones and putting together my paper mache project for Detour 2012. It's been slow going and I never go out, choosing instead to call up my friends and sob about how I never meet anyone cute to make out with; this is my life. It started out rough, had a breakdown after the armature I made with cardboard, masking tape and scrunched up paper ended up looking horrific, snapped out of it (thanks mom!) in time to realize I only had 2 weeks left until I had to deliver the baby to the organizers. Since, I've been crafting hard, paintbrushes blazing, leaving trails of paper mache lumps and the living room too scary for visitors.

After making the armature, I made some paper mache clay, this place has a good professional recipe, but what even is joint compound? So I just used toilet paper and the worst smelling white glue, using the back of a spoon I spread it over the taped foundation. Then I very poorly and impatiently sanded the dried structure smooth less lumpity-dumpity.

Next, I painted her body and hair. Put together the cake with painted paper, plastic plates and scrap plastic. The candles are a favourite, made with rolled up cardboard (I had fun posing with them pretending they were real cigarettes), then I painted them and added embroidery floss for the wick. The icing is piped paper clay from the Jusco $12 plaza. 

Making her outfit: I actually really liked this part, I stayed up all night sewing the little embroidered patch to go on her uniform. I used a back stitch for the border and a satin stitch for the airplane, this place is awesome for embroidery stitch tutorials.

There's still more paper to be mached, stay tuned to see how it goes!

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