November 8, 2012

Treading in the Thirties

watercolor fashion illustration shoes facing each other
vintage 1930s watercolor fashion illustration shoes heels
I've been a fan of Guy Bourdin's photography since forever but he's sort of a gross man. I remember doing a research project on him in my History of Fashion Illustration class and he'd make his models crawl into scary places with rats and stuff and just generally be a dick about things. But never the less, I find his images fascinating, disembodied limbs and all, so macrabre yet glamorous. For this sketch I was also inspired by shoes from the 1930's, they can have such an orthopedic charm to them.

My portfolio needed some freshening up with some new pieces so I thought I'd make a new header for my blog since I've been neglecting it a little bit. But what was meant to be a header turned out to be more of a footer (get it? get it?), I might have to make new one with some heads and hairs instead (perhaps from another decade).

instagram of watercolor shoe sketches

What's your favourite fashion decade? Especially for hairstyles. Say it and I'll draw it for my next illustration!


  1. Love those shoes! I don't have a favourite decade for hairstyles, and by that I really mean I have too many favourites. But I think that styles popular in the 1940's would be fun to draw, so that's where my vote goes!

    1. I was totally thinking 1940's for hair! I've been dying to try my hair like this when it gets a little longer.

  2. just passed by your blog and really like ur drawings! you are very talented:)