December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! And a New Years Present!

 Paris Hilton socialite girl illustrated New Years 2013 card.
Every year at Christmas time I play this game where I try not leave the house for as long as possible, this year is no different. But as least I've been putting my extra indoor time to good use and made some illustrations.

Were you naughty this year and forgot to send out your holiday cards on time? Fear not! There's still time to send out New Years cards and as a Thank You to all you lovely readers I made this free printable New Years 2013 card for you, featuring a cheeky socialite who's had a few glasses of champagne too many and I hope your holiday is just as decadent and wonderful.

new years card featuring illustrated pug and socialite girl in pink dress champagne
free printable 2013 new years card
Download the original hi-res version over on Flickr! Print out the image on cardstock and send them to your friends & family!

Speaking of Flickr, it's gotten so much better lately, I loved using it back in 2006 and then
but now I'm getting really excited to start using it again. Have you guys downloaded the app yet?

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