December 30, 2013

Recent Work / Into the Mild: Canadian Holiday Fashion Comic for National Post.

Kitty N. Wong / Into the Mild Fashion Comic
One of my resolutions in 2013 was to get one of my illustrations published in print and last week just before the year was over I reached that goal. My holiday fashion comics feature with the National Post's Weekend Style came out on Sunday and I was so nervous!

Head on to the National Post to read the full comic.

I had never been commissioned by a newspaper before but not only that, the feature was huge, 3 pages! It even got a little mention on the front page of the paper! I still haven't seen it in person yet, waiting with bated breath and I think I might just very blissfully pass out soon.

Kitty N. Wong / Into the Mild Fashion Comic
Thanks for the snap Markus!
The comic was to be a fun illustrated holiday special featuring all the biggest trends and pieces from Canadian fashion this past year, Hudson's Bay x Converse crossover sneakers, Jeremy Laing, that Mercy camo sweatshirt dress, Beaufille and Roots mukluks amongst others. The editor had seen my previous fashion comic for Dazed and loved the format. The idea we came up with was a group of Canadian fashion-philes go cabining in Banff for the weekend and get stranded.
Kitty N. Wong / Into the Mild Fashion Comic
Probably my favourite panel is of the girls moose hunting, the girl in the camo dress we just get each other. Head over to the National Post site to view the online version. Huge thanks to the editor and fashion director Nathalie Atkinson!

Click through to see a snippet of my drafts.

Kitty N. Wong / Into the Mild Fashion Comic Drafts

And there you have it! Into the Mild, my very first newspaper fashion comics feature.

Check out the full story on National Post and if you liked it make sure to share it on Twitter, G+ and Facebook! 

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