January 16, 2014

Live Runway Sketches at the 2013 Redress Ecochic Design Awards

Kitty N. Wong / Ecochic Runway sketch

Kitty N. Wong / Ecochic Runway Sketch

Kitty N. Wong / Ecochic Runway Sketch
Writing this post right now feels so appropriate since it was this very competition, the 2012 Ecochic Design Awards for which I was a semi-finalist and gave my career and my self esteem the much needed boost to start freelancing.

And this year I've promised myself to take deliberate steps toward improving my illustration career, setting goals, pitching more editors, making cold calls - basically being more proactive instead of reactive. The awards last year was also one of the first posts on this blog, I feel like I've come full circle.

This was my first time live-sketching a fashion show and there is nothing more FUN! I can't believe I haven't tried this earlier, it's like life drawing class but with better music and more adrenaline. It's also an unbelievably good way to burn through paper, I bought this huge cheap watercolour pad while on vacation in Beijing, the texture is a combination of toilet paper and recycled cardboard box so this was a great way to finish up some of that. Runway sketching is also really difficult, those models move fast! While drawing I kept thinking about other illustrators who do this so well, like fashion illustrator Danielle Meder, Kenneth Paul Block and Richard Haines. Hong Kong doesn't have too too many fashion shows, but the next chance I get I'm on it.

1. An outfit from this year's winner Germany's Karen Jessen. 2. Mainland China's finalist Xinyan Dai's denim dress. 3. UK finalist ClĂ©mentine Sander's coral inspired textural design. 

Click through to see some streetstyle sketches of guests and judges from the show.

Kitty N. Wong / HK Menswear Streetstyle Sketch

Kitty N. Wong / Orsola de Castro Streetstyle Sketch
Some quick sketches of the guest, including one of the judges for the competition Orsola de Castro, of From Somewhere in a cream bustier-like top with sheer sleeves.

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