April 9, 2015

Streetstyle and Snapshots From Art Basel 2015

Kitty N. Wong / Art Basel Streetstyle Illustrations
 A cool attendee dressed down in pink sequins with cuffed jeans and spiky sneakers.
Ok! Art Basel is probably the funnest month here in Hong Kong, there are a gazillion events everywhere in the city and hot graffiti artists for you to swipe and meet on Tinder, not to mention the show itself. Here are the streetstyle illustrations and photos spotted from my day there.  

Kitty N. Wong / Art Basel Streetstyle Illustrations
I drew a boy! Even though my Twitter bio says I don't know how to draw boys. The stylish visitor was wearing a Topman peacock tee-shirt against a giant swirling Sterling Ruby canvas at Gagosian - and you know I can't resist a good pattern or two.

Kitty N. Wong / Tracey Emin - I Fell in Love Here - Gif
Tracey Emin at Lehmann Maupin.

Click through for some [IMG HEAVY] coverage from the show this year.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Zhao Renhui. ShangART

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Joel Morrison, Gagosian Gallery

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Shilpa Gupta. Chemould Prescott Road

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
Carsten Holler. Air de Paris

Tapestry with a street art sensibility, Eko Nugroho, Arndt

Wilson Shieh, Osage Gallery. 
One of my favourite Hong Kong artist, I love his playful drawings and how his personal history plays into this new series of work.

Sam Jinks, Sullivan+Strumpf

Grayson Fucking Perry!

I'm just putting this here because I think I look pretty, so pretty that I cracked the glass. 

Cary Kwok, Herald St. 
I've been a huge fan of Cary Kwok's intricate erotic ball point pen drawings since spotting them at ARTHK11. He was also one of the three artist, myself included at the Lane Crawford live drawing event last year.

Nam June Paik, James Cohan Gallery.

Karl Havendel, Susanne Vielmetter. Los Angeles, CA.  
A large than life pencil drawing on four paper panels stapled together in a haphazard fashion. The gallerist joked about one of the piece's selling features: "It's easy to ship". 

Cao Fei, Vitamin Creative Space. 
As you enter the tent where the video plays, you're bombard with a chemical smell of new fabric mixed with the sweet scent of the pineapples placed around inside the installation. The video followed the artist and her motley crew as they travel to the Nu River.

 Leang Seckon, Rossi Rossi

Nilo Ilarde, Artinformal

 Chen Shaoxiong, Pekin Fine Arts. 
Beautiful traditional ink paintings are contrasted with their disturbing subject matter - protest images taken from newspaper clippings.

 Jenny Saville. Gagosian Gallery

I also got to cover the show for a few cool online publications at The Wild Magazine and No Tofu Magazine.

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