October 18, 2012

Red Carded! A Pretty Illustrated Business Card Commision

Jin Wong watercolour portrait for Remedy Rouge
HEY GUYS! Remember me? I'm been lying low lately as I've been busy drawing and trying out new vegan recipes which you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram. This portrait of Remedy Rouge blogger Jin Wong is one of the things I've been busying illustrating. A couple of weeks ago Jin approached me to help her create some custom business cards and I was super excited and flattered. 

progress shot Jin Wong watercolour portrait
Jin was looking to have cards done that were both elegant and fun (which is perfectly her style). So, we started out with a watercolour illustration from a few photos Jin had sent me and we went from there. And after some window shopping on ASOS for a dress to illustrate, a few tweaks, font hunting and a trip to the printers we were done!

Below are Jin's pretty new cards all ready to be handed out, let the networking begin! And if you too are interested in having your own custom illustrated business cards that make a lasting personal impression, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

HK Girl Talk Jin Wong watercolour portrait business card
A little bit about Jin: she's a media strategist by day and runs the fashion blog Remedy Rogue by night, she also created the lifestyle blog HK Girl Talk which is all about Hong Kong's unique culture. If you want to have a candid look on life as a twenty something young professional woman here in the city make sure you head on over to HK Girl Talk and have a read. Thanks so much for the commission Jin, it was a pleasure working with you!


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    1. Thanks so much Janneke! And I'm so excited to hear about your female illustrator project!

  2. Awesome idea related to business cards....really impressive work....keep it up.!!!!