February 18, 2013

Sketches from LFW | Driving Miss Kelly to Eudon Choi

illustration drawing of grace kelly girl in pink floral headscarf driving in striped shirt
Eudon Choi. Pencil, gouache, Photoshop. 

We've been on the run/Driving in the sun
Looking out for number 1/California here we come

I almost can't even listen to that Phantom Planet song anymore, you know when something brings back so many powerfully happy memories it almost makes you sad? Like you'll never be that young or have that much fun again?

Listening to that song reminds me of being 15 and watching the first season of The OC with my best friend and spending a very unsupervised summer in Ontario discovering for the first time what it felt like to be thought of as pretty/popular/bad. And also of the the summer after highschool when my friends and I drove down to California for Coachella where we played this song on repeat and I insisted on eating nothing but powdered donuts the whole way.

Polaroid of girls posing with grapefruits in Indio, California during Coachella
Stealing citrus fruits in Indio, California. 2005.
That's me on the left, can you even recognize me?
Polaroid from my friend Crystal. 

Day 3 of Drawing Fashion Week. The headscarves at Eudon Choi reminded me of Grace Kelly driving in cars which then reminded me of road-trips. I drew this girl with only one eye because it just didn't look right with two.

This drawing isn't really my favourite but I still kind of like it. Lately I've been thinking it doesn't really matter, since I've drawing so much it's okay if sometimes things turn out kind of ugly. We're just experimenting here, gotta give yourself room to fail and room to grow.
"Don't worry about genius and don't worry about not being clever. Trust rather to hard work, perseverance, and determination. The best motto for a long march is "Don't grumble. Plug on." You hold your future in your own hands. Never waver in this belief. Don't swagger. The boy who swaggers - like the man who swaggers - has little else that he can do. He is a cheap-Jack crying his own paltry wares. It is the empty tin that rattles most. Be honest. Be loyal. Be kind. Remember that the hardest thing to acquire is the faculty of being unselfish. As a quality it is one of the finest attributes of manliness. Love the sea, the ringing beach and the open downs. Keep clean, body, and mind."- Sir Frederick Treves
eudon choi runway photos at london fashion week fw 2013 collage
Eudon Choi photos from Style.com

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