April 12, 2013

This Month I've Been: March Edition

kitty wong Tangram sketches girls in bikini bras
This month I've been:
Drawing, like always. This pile are my drafts for the series of lookbook illustration I've been working on for super cool HK clothing brand Tangram, who's about to launch a lingerie line.

asian animal crackers deer instagram
 Taking snack break with delicious Asian seaweed flavoured animal crackers.

chinese ink girl face with paint brush
Painting with ink, this is another one from the Tangram series.

amenpapa package lookbook with hong kong stamps
Doodling for Amenpapa. They are asking artists and illustrators to draw in their lookbook and send it back to them for a exhibition.

india ink girl in full skirt bun and gloves

Digging through the archives. This is an old illustration from my Ryerson university days, I was obsessed with minimalism, India ink and Rick Owens back then.

watercolor collage painting of macrobiotic vegetables, daikon, cabbage.
Drawing veggies. A friend of mine commissioned me to draw a few things for her new macrobiotic website. Working on the drafts here in pencil and watercolour.

smoothie and nat geo magazine on hk patio
Drinking smoothies on the rooftop, reading the National Geographics subscription my parents got me for my birthday. If you need a gift idea for someone get them a subscription, it's the best gift ever!

mint and rosemary in green planter box on hong kong rooftop
Gardening! My mom and I have been turning our barren forgotten roof into a green playground. So far we only have one planter with mint and rosemary and I've also started a compost, wish me luck on that, I'm feel like I'm doing it wrong. But it's already starting to feel like our very own "backyard" and I love nothing more than to bring my paints and papers up and do my work there.

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