August 16, 2013

Fashion History / Fuck Your War Rations, This is the New Look.

Kitty N. Wong / Christian Dior New Look Illustration Ink Comic
I was on the mini-bus home with my mom from the Maron Bouillie Paris Rétro exhibition in Olympian City and I was showing my mom these little comics that I've been loving lately and she was like YOU should make comics but I brushed it off like like what would I even draw about?

And then at 3 AM last night (that's when I get all my ideas, I keep a notebook beside my bed just for that purpose) I had this idea that I should draw comics about fashion history! I've always wanted to do a project about fashion history and this is perfect for it. So here is the first one from the still Untitled Fashion History Comic Project.

This first one is about Christian Dior's extravagant New Look in Post WWII Paris. Enjoy! \And let me know if you have any favourite moments in fashion history you want to see. Tweet me! Or comment below! xx

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