March 4, 2014

February TMI / This Month I: Spent Sweetly

colourful bindis pack
February was short, but sweet. In an effort to dress more interestingly, I bought some bindis from my local Indian corner store, they're shaped like an upside down flower in unexpected bright colour combinations and I've been having such a good time wearing them. HKD $10/pack, cheap and cheerful.

Kitty N. Wong / kiss me hand drawn type pink
This year I was really into Valentines Day, a little hand written love note I made (for myself). Various sources have accused me of being overly obsessed with kissing, or as I like to call it, smooching. But that's ridiculous, noone can have too many kisses.

Duddell's Foreign Presence with 1960's fashion shoot in Hong Kong
At the Duddell's "Foreign Presence" exhibition, featuring a series of photos from a 1962 fashion shoot in Hong Kong by Francesco Scavullo for Harper's Bazaar. The show is on until May. 

hand holding Happiness Project book on wood table
A little shopping complex opened near our place and my mom and I went in to browse and discovered a bookstore! Alas they only had 2 English books (no lie), and I bought one of them! So many tips and new perspective on happiness in this book by Gretchen Rubin.

swimming in Tai Tam waterfall Hong Kong
My friend Helene and I went hiking! We bought picnic supplies from City Super and took the leisurely 2 hour hike to Tai Tam Reservoir and waterfall. Bliss! We did however get lost on our way back and had to hike to the bus in almost complete darkness, luckily we were not attacked by 山賊 or wild pandas.

pistachio cake at Messina Italian in Hong Kong
Taking the advice of the Happiness Project book, I decided to "spend out" and splurge on a deliciously fine lunch for my parents and I, all the better since it was Hong Kong restaurant week. We indulged in the 3 course lunch set at Messina, an Italian restaurant in Hung Hom, complete with molten pistachio cake, petite fours and full leaf peppermint tea. 

Kitty N. Wong / sketch of a girl
As a freelance illustrator, needless to say I spend way too much of my time on Pinterest, whenever I see a portrait on there that catches my eye I like to do a quick drawing of it in my sketchbook. It's spontaneous good practice.

1960's Architecture photography
SCAD DeFINE Art Exhibition showcasing the best of their graduating students' work. One of my favourites was MFA candidate Johnny Gin's photography series on HK's historic architecture. 

hot pink invites for Fixation Exhibition
Invitations to Fixation were printed! I got to catch a glimpse of my Cat Marnell painting being used for the event invite, so exciting. The show opens today in Melbourne's Town Hall Gallery!

Kitty N. Wong / Lupita and Katell sketchbook
I love to go to the library to read magazines to relax and get inspiration. Reading Dazed and Confused and came across a strikingly beautiful portrait of filmmaker Katell Quillévéré so I made a sketch.

I hope you had a sweet February too. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates @kittynwong.

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