March 2, 2014

Paintings / Lindsay Lohan

Kitty N. Wong/ Lindsay. Gouache, gold leaf acrylic portrait painting
Kitty N. Wong, 2013.
Lindsay. Gouache, pencil, acrylic and gold leaf on paper.
39cm x 27cm.

Another one from the Women I've Wanted to Be series. Although I'm not sure I would actually want to be Lindsay Lohan, I do find her to be a beautiful and enigmatic figure of our current pop-scape, from child star to those tumultous months she spent with Samantha Ronson and now as the 27 year old we are all rooting for to make a comeback.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with gold leaf for this piece, it was the first time I ever used it. I'm always fascinated by videos of artisans applying the tissue thin sheets and this time I got to try it. My desk is still covered with little specks and it's kind of magical.

Lindsay was sent off for the Fixation exhibition at Town Hall Gallery which opens tomorrow!

Kitty N. Wong/ Lindsay. Gouache WIP painting
Work in progress shot.

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