August 6, 2014

July TMI / This Month I: Floated Along the Molten River of HK Summer

Sailing along a molten river is a bit of a problematic analogy, what would my vessel be made out of? Surely not wood, that thing would explode into a mountain of flames as soon as I cast off. A metal dingy? No way, the river is made of rocks that are so hot they're melted. Get rrrrreal.

Anyways, that's how I felt this month. This summer month just drifted by idyllically while I binged watched a lot of Orphan Black and now before I know it it's already August.

painting rainbow pick up stix
I've been painting some designs for scarves! Working Artfiy, a company here in Hong Kong that partners with local artists to create printed goods from their artwork the scarves will feature my illustrations and should be ready in a few months so keep your eyes out!

madame bao postcard shelfie in teal colourway
The Madame Bao postcard was featured in The Black Ren's always chic and minimalist #shelfies, get your own pack on my Etsy Shop. Thanks Daniel!

painting crochet pattern
Another design for the Artify x Kitty N. Wong line of scarves, this one is a continuation from the illustration Rainbow Crochet Girl.

Kitty N. Wong / elephant parade
Spent a lovely Sunday one the last weekend of this month painting a little elephant in support of #ElephantParade a campaign to raise awareness for the endangered Asian elephant. I'm so happy I get to paint to help support such a great cause!

Swire Properties is going to host Hong Kong's first Elephant Parade this summer at Pacific Place Hong Kong, Cityplaza and Citygate Outlets starting in August so keep your eyes out for them!

jade market in Hong Kong YMT
My 27th birthday is coming up next month (gulp!) and I've been thinking about buying myself some jewels to celebrate, last week I hit up the Jade Bazaar in Yau Ma Tei to hunt for some booty and little pearl earrings.

red dress ootd and doodle of HK IFC and Lion's Rock
At the library, procrastination by doodlenation. Wearing my new red seamed dress from Kate Spade Saturday, Sseko sandals and vintage woven leather bag.

mrs eaves ink painting at above second art gallery in hong kong
Got to check out Gemma O'brien typographic work at Pop: Summer Group Show, it's so cool to see the works in the flesh since I'm always admiring her spew bags through my tiny iPhone screen, The show is on now until August 23 at Above Second in Sai Ying Pun.

Kitty N. Wong / redheads painting of lily cole and karen elson WIP
July has been a slow painting month - I told you I'm currently drifting (adrift is probably more accurate) down the molten river of summer laziness. Here's a WIP shot of the redhead painting I've been slowly working on - hawt.

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