August 11, 2014

Recent Work / Tod's x BagaholicBoy Goes to Milan

Kitty N. Wong / Illustration - Bagaholic Boy Goes to Milan
A few months ago Bagaholic Boy asked me to create a few illustrations for him to celebrate his upcomping trip to attend the Tod's runway show in Milan. Such a fun job, although I've never been to Italy before (I did work in an Italian restaurant during university, ciao Giovanna!) I have eaten a lot of pasta. I did some research and went on a little sightseeing tour of Milan on the interwebs and found the landmarks that were most representative of the city. I finally settled on the Arc of Peace, the Arco della Pac at "Porta Sempione".

I almost never draw architeture so this was a fun challenge, notice the bronze goddess at the top riding in her chariot with the little D-Cube Micro Bowler in the crook of her arm. They seeeeeee her rollin' they hatin' (even in Ancient Greece Chamillionaire is relevant).

Kitty N. Wong / Tod's D-Cube Shopping Bags Fashion Illustration
Tod's D-Cube Shopping Bags

Kitty N. Wong / Tod's D-Cube Micro Bowler Fashion Illustration #bags
Tod's D-Cube Micro Bowler

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