March 10, 2015

Painting / Botanist

Kitty N. Wong / The Unhappy Botanist
The Unhappy Botanist, 2015.
Gouache, acrylic, pencil and paper collage.
39cm x 54cm

I always paint ladies but I'm really into the idea of painting some feminine fellas these days. I like how this portrait turned out a little bit androgynous. I was also inspired by this photo and from the anthurium flowers I took home after attending 'poon choi', a traditional Chinese New Year eating feast, at my friend's home village. Those flowers with their phallic baby corn stems always reminds me of Japanese minimalism in the 80's - my mom had all those flower arranging books in our basement.

Kitty N. Wong / The Unhappy Botanist
And now let us zoom up and in enjoy his chic and high as a kite expression for a second (that fitting description thanks to DK!).

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