July 6, 2012

Green is Chic at the 2012 Ecochic Design Awards

Sabrina and her covetable earrings.
Nibbles from the afterparty at Assaggio.

I went to the Ecochic Design Awards last night, it's a sustainable fashion competition organized by Redress and I was lucky enough to be able to participate this year as one of the semi-finalists. Although my part finished in April I still got to attend the final judging/fashion show as a general fashion lover and supporter of fellow independent designers. And the show did not disappoint, each designer had such unique style and personality which was really evident in their designs but it was Wister Tsang's avant-garde denim focused collection that won the judges' favour. So congratulations to Wister and to all the other 2012 finalists!

I was going to sit by myself (the horror! No, just kidding, I'm a strong independent Black Asian woman who don't need no man.) but through the magic of twitter I nabbed a seat next to my friend the stylist/social media maven Jasmine Webster and she introduced me to the gorgeous photographer Sabrina Sikoura
And for some much needed illustration practice I decided to draw some memorable moments from the night. And below are some more photos from the event, enjoy! 

Wearing all the flowers.
ps. this the shirt I made for the competition!.
Wister Tsang's winning collection.
The Redress founders, Christina Dean and Cherie Wong.
Cherie is wearing a zero-waste dress!

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