July 27, 2012

Wearing | Hawaiian Skirt and Cropped Tee

 I bought a whole bunch of these $10 skirts while I was thrifting with my friend Hester last week, so now I be wearing skirts errday. The weirder of our finds was this knit Hawaiian photo-print skirt and today I wore it with a Silence + Noise cropped tee and a whole bunch of accessories that I bought on a sugar-high spree after a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Then I was off to meet up with an old university friend. Though I must confess, I didn't actually wear those heels out, it was wet and gross so I wore my lesbian Birkenstocks.
Getting our dumplings on. | Denim on denim: Michelle finds the perfect umbrella for her ensemble.

 Desserts at 五代同糖. | Sara's Henna from the Mad Hatter Tea Party.
Michelle is here with her boyfriend Tim, and like modern day better dressed versions of Jake and Lady Brett Ashley, the couple are on a whirlwind tour around the world South East Asia. They are the coolest, after lunch at Din Tai Fung we went trolling at the I.T Outlet, where we tried on the largest and most ridiculous parkas we could find. We refueled with some dessert and then finished the afternoon with some thrifting. Perfect day.

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  1. hahahah you are so funny!!! "lesbian birkenstocks" thats how i describe it too!