September 28, 2013

Come to My Toronto Art Exhibition! Shoes / Off: Drawings by Kitty N. Wong

Shoes / Off: Drawings by Kitty N. Wong hand lettered art show poster
The date's been set and the art's been printing! It's all happening!
If you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed I've been dropping hints about my upcoming art exhibition. Well everything's been confirmed and I can finally share!

Shoes / Off: Drawings by Kitty N. Wong is taking place from October 20 - November 10 at Cafe Pamenar in Kensington Market in Toronto.
Opening Night: Oct 22, 2013 from 7:30 - 11:00pm and you're all invited!

If you have any friends that will be in town too, please please please tell them! It's gonna be an awesome time. I'm going to be at the opening night doing live sketches of the guests and asking them the stories behind the shoes they're wearing, just like the Shoes I Never Wear series. All the archival art prints at the show are all for sale and I'll be selling some very limited postcards/mini-prints as well. SO COME!
Kitty N. Wong / Shoes I Never Wear
I've been so busy these last two weeks, with printing, finishing up freelance projects and setting up the show before I leave for Canada. I'm jokingly referring to it as my "sabbatical" since I'm celebrating my first year of being a freelance illustrator! I'll be heading back to my hometown Abbotsford (a small suburb outside of Vancouver) and then to Toronto where I'll be doing the show!
It feels so good to know that I've put in 100% and soon will be kicking it in Canada eating at the ABC Country Restaurant and buying old fashion sweets at the Clayburn Village Store (lemon bon bons please!) like nobody's business.

Kitty N. Wong / illustrated fashion art postcards miniprints
A huge huge huge thank you goes to my dear dear friend Markus Doerr for helping me make this exhibition happen, he found the venue and has been dealing with all the Toronto things and for putting up with my bossy text messages at 2 in the morning. Thank you so much Markus!

Please help me share the event by using the social media buttons below and RSVP'ing to the Facebook event! Thank you so much and I hope I'll get to meet some of you lovely readers there!

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