September 8, 2013

Sketches / Streetstyle at Hong Kong's Fashion Night Out 2013

Kitty N. Wong / Hawaiian Print Girl fashion illustration
Emma in a one of a kind Tangram floor length dress with a blue Hawaiian print paired with geometric patterned flats from Square Street.
Kitty N. Wong / The Bumbys typewriter sketch
Kitty N. Wong / VIP sketch
 The Bumbys.

Guess what! It's Fashion Night Out in Hong Kong again. How fast a year goes by I still remember it like yesterday making needlework with artist Suzie Stanford and eating thrice my share of salted caramel XTC gelato.

The Bumbys were there this year. They are an anonymous performance art duo who will give you "a fair and honest appraisal of your appearance". I hadn't heard of them until visiting the FNO website but immediately upon reading I was seized with jealous for not coming up with the idea myself and vowed to go early to get a glance and a judge. And early I went, at 6pm Friday night my friend and I got into the IFC Lane Crawford and found them, Theee Bummmmbys, tap tap taping away on their 80's style typewriters and so we got in line. But alas, we had misread the fine print and The Bumbys were a with purchase only activity and we were promptly kicked out of line left wondering if our outfits had been good enough for the red duo.

Kitty N. Wong / Candy Girls fashion drawing
Matching candy coloured dolly outfits.
Kitty N. Wong / Nick Chan Cut & Copy fashion illustration
Blogger Nick Chan.
Kitty N. Wong / The Wanderlister fashion illustration
JJ Acuna, aka The Wanderlister in front of the entrance.
Kitty N. Wong / Moustache Cocktail Bar IFC illustration
The Moustache Cocktail Bar.

Kitty N. Wong / Prep School Girls fashion illustration
In prep school girl looks: a sky blue dress with beautiful godet detail paired with a cat photo print clutch and a light wash jean jacket. Her friend in a cable knit sweater, raw silk pleated skirt and brogues, naturally.

It was a fun night, I was really happy for a chance to get out of the house and be social again after being sick for so long. And it was a nice chance to meet new friends and see old ones.

Hope you enjoyed the sketches! They're ball point pen (my new favourite these days, so loose and fuss free) and coloured digitally.

Vintage Hawaiian Print Girl and Prep School prints without watermark are for sale on my print shop if you loved 'em and wanna have them in your homes! 

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