July 17, 2014

Sketch / Uptown Girl in Ink + Non Photo Blue

Kitty N. Wong / Uptown Girl 
Quick little ink drawings from last night. I'm working with a company here in Hong Kong to produce some silk scarves with my illustrations on them! I'm so excited, but working with those huge files on Photoshop to create patterns can be really tedious.

I've been reading Lynda Barry's cartoon class blog for-eva-eva but I never actually get around to doing the exercises, but last night she posted this photo with the instructions "why not take 20 minutes to draw this picture? Start with non-photo blue pencil for five minutes and then take 15-20 minutes to ink it in."

Fun, creative and non-committal! Here's mine.

Kitty N. Wong / ink drawings of girls

Kitty N. Wong / Lana Del Rey with cat
I also made another drawing with the same technique of Lana Del Rey from her new Rolling Stones cover, Saddest/Baddest Diva. I love how the cat turned out, look at his little eyes. Meow.

I'm selling both of these little paintings. They're originals, each $50USD and 16cm x 21cm. Email me at kitty.n.wong (at) gmail.com if you're interested!

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