March 16, 2013

Rooftop Drawing Dates

girl in lingerie on purple orange tiger rug
Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been updating this week. I'm working on a new illustration project for a wonderful Hong Kong clothing brand that's launching a lingerie line and it's been taking up all my time. But I'm really excited about it and here's a glimpse at one of my rough sketches for it. Stay tuned!

rooftop snacks, books, pomelo, paint brush, paint palette HK lavender rooftop patio furniture  high rise, hi-rise
I've been having a bit of a rough week, got called into the hospital on Monday because my bloodtest came back really hypothyroid (I guess the RAI worked after all!) so I had to go in and get my new hypo med to bring my levels back up. And the new meds have been making me feel quite shitty while my body is re-adjusting.

But our new rooftop patio furniture arrived and it's so great! It's so peaceful and feels super luxurious. Every time I'm up there I always try to say out loud to myself "Well if this isn't nice then I don't know what is.".

I've been trying to do some work up there but it's a bit annoying to work outdoors and to lug all my stuff up there so mostly I'm just snacking (on pomelos) and reading my new book Salt: A World History -- I'm on a major non-fiction kick these days.

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