March 4, 2013

Sketches from PFW | Undercover Fashion Illustrations on Cardboard

undercover acrylic painting on cardboard
Undercover at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013. Acrylic and pencil on recycled cardboard.

It's part cheapness and part upcycling but I love drawing and painting on cardboard. My new iMac came last week and other then the powerful new machine itself I'm also really happy with the enormous amount of cardboard it came in (so Maru and I are alike in many way. Here's a really wonderful longform piece about Maru and internet cats because y'all know I love tangents and information).

This has given me ample material to experiment with acrylics. Painting on scrap material is great, bright fresh white paper can be so intimidating even if you keep telling yourself "it's just paper, if I mess up I'll just use another sheet" but there's still this weird internal pressure to not mess up a pristine page (not to mention watercolour paper is expensive!).

Detail of fashion illustration bunny maks, face, legs and hands.
I think I still liked my Pringle of Scotland acrylic piece more, this one seems a bit too solid for my liking. Perhaps it's because I'm used to painting with gouache but the paint starts to look really yucky and plasticky if I don't paint in many thin coats.

The outfit is not something I would normally paint but I was inspired by the belt and the intimating lighting on the runway.

Ok, I'm off! I promised myself a scone after I finish this post. See you next time!

bunny mask at Undercover Fall Winter 2013 runway
bunny mask at Undercover Fall Winter 2013 runway

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