March 7, 2013

Sketches from PFW | Chalayan Changes Clothes

Kitty Wong illustration of Hussein Chalayan Fall 2013 dress
Hussein Chalayan F/W 2013. Pencil and gouache on cardboard.

Ah, what a horrible day. I started a small fire in my kitchen this morning. I left my Diva Cup boiling on the stove thinking I would come back to it but then got distracted with an illustration, when I came back all the water was gone and the thing was literally on fire. I was so scared and it left ashes absolutely everywhere in my kitchen. I spent the day wiping everything and it still looks like Industrial Era London in here. 

It kind of ruined my day and I wasn't up for any serious illustrating, so I just did a quick little gouache sketch on cardboard, so commitment free.

There are some really fabulous gifs floating around on the internet of the Chalayan show (apparently it's just Chalayan now, took me forever to find it on 'cos I kept searching under H). I feel like we really are living in the golden age of the 'gifs' as a medium (see Vine, all of Tumblr and work by illustrator and fellow Ryerson grad Tara Dougans). Except this gif here below nearly gave me a seizure flashing non-stop while I was typing out this post.

Chalayan Fall 2013 runway gif

Chalayan Fall 2013 runway dress transformation
Gifs by Errolson Hugh. Photos via Strangeline.

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