May 14, 2013

Artsy Guide to HK / Jumping on Stonehenge at M+ Inflation

girl at cement blocks at M+ Inflation in West Kowloon

Last week my parents and I headed over to the West Kowloon Cultural Distract to check out the M+ Inflation exhibition. It was amazing day and so much fun, full of larger than life inflatable sculptures.

It was pretty windy day so a few of the exhibitions weren't open, but none the less there was still 4 ginormous inflatable sculptures to be seen/bounced on. My favourite being the life-size (!) inflatable Stonehenge called Sacrilege by British artist Jeremy Deller. It was like the worldest biggest most artful bouncy castle set against a panoramic backdrop of the Hong Kong harbour.

Sacrilege inflatable Stonehenge sculpture art bouncy castle

Gif of woman falling on inflatable Stonehenge
Woo! Raise the roof, oops... Sometimes bad things happen to good people and the bouncy Stonehenge castle can get dangerous.

Pencil Drawing at M+ Inflation Stonhenge
Pencil sketch, coloured in Photoshop.

We had so much fun bouncing on Stonehenge sculpture, I always love art that's interactive and delightful and makes you feel like a kid again - that's the best kind of art I think. I loved it so much I even made a little sketch inspired by hopping around on it with my mom, if you glide a certain way on it you feel like a weightless astronaut.

Stonehenge in West Kowloon HK

Harbour view during M+ Inflation in West Kowloon HK
Yes, that is a giant pile of poop. Literally. By US artist Paul McCarthy. A couple of weeks ago, bad weather punctured the inflatable piece, titled Complex Pile and the HK tabloids had a field day with their 'shit explosion' headlines. Further back to its left you can also see the roast pig sculpture by Chinese artist Cao Fei.

panorama of West Kowloon HK during M+ Inflation

Falling into the Mundane World, cockroach and leg artwork giant sculpture.
An upside down cockroach and a pair of legs. Falling into the Mundane World by Tam Wai Ping.

cold udon at Inaniwa at Elements
Finished the evening with really delicious udon at Inaniwa Udo Nab at the nearby Elements mall.

event poster from M+ Inflation, 4 layers creative design
For more info, head over to the M+ website, it's so creatively designed and my little drawing of Sacrilege is featured in the SNAPS section as well. The exhibition runs until June 9, 2013.

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