May 4, 2013

This Month I've Been: April

banana macadamia nut pancakes on turquoise table
Making pancakes. This was a really delicious banana macadamia nut recipe with coconut cream. You should try it!

lookbook drawing of girl in smiley face bathing suit
Painting in the AMENPAPA lookbook. Earlier this month I finished up my lookbook package for the Hong Kong based clothing brand, they asked different artists and illustrators in the city to decorate their lookbook for them which they're going to put in an exhibit. Blogpost to come with pictures of my drawings.

drawings of luxury dresses and accessories celine, chloe, jimmy cho
Drawing fancy shoes and dresses for Backroom. I was commissioned to create an illustration for the luxury e-commerce website's launch party invitation. Thank you so much to my contact Vanessa.

logo scribbles surrounded by paint, brushes, calligraphy pen
Scribbling my signature for my new logo. My amazingly talented graphic designer friend Belinda and I are working together to create some fresh new branding for me and a portfolio website, I'm super excited for this and can't wait to show you what we've been up to. It's so cool that even though she's all the way in Wales we can still collaborate and bounce ideas off each other.

infused spa water with lemon and mint
 Making spa water with the mint from our rooftop garden that is just growing wildly and amazingly!

watercolour painting of macrobiotic veggies, radish, leeks, kohlrabi
Drawing veggies. A friend of mine is creating a macrobiotic website and commissioned me to create some illustrations for her site. It was fun drawing all the macro favourites like, radish, leeks and kohlrabi.

rice logo sketches in pencil in sketchbook
And sketching logo ideas. I also got to create a logo for the same Macrobiotic website based around the idea of simple brown rice grains.

japanese simple packaging for apple juice
Speaking of veggies, I've been drinking this delicious cloudy all natural apple juice. I'm not huge on juice (except smoothies), I usually just drink water and tea. I prefer to eat my sugar rather than drink it. I love the clean Japanese packaging on the bottle.

watercolour illustration of celine runway model
The last week of this month I was distracted and didn't draw as much as I should have and when I started to get back to it I struggled and made a lot of drawings I wasn't thrilled about and then I felt discouraged and shitty.

sketchbook drawing of a girl in rainbow crochet scarf
Finally I was rescued from my creative rut when my friend Helene came over for a drawing date on the most recent public holiday, we drew and chatted and I was reminded that drawing should be fun.

I hoped you had a great month too. And here's to a really nice summer month of May.

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