May 18, 2013

#ZigWisdom / Someone to Inspire Us

Fran Lebowitz portrait
"Our Chief want in life is someone to inspire us to be what we want to be."

This is #45 from Zig Ziglar’s list of 100 Things I Learned on My Way to the Top.

A couple of weeks ago, writer/hustler/general cool girl Brianne Garcia sent out a tweet asking people to email her if they wanted a PDF of that Ziglar list. I had no idea who he was but I personally find inspirational quotes completely irresistible, and I also felt like emailing people that day.

I tweeted out an offer to send the list to anyone interested, and the response surprised me: dozens of people responded or emailed me directly, interested in this list of lessons. 
This was a really cool realization; all of the people who responded are conscious livers of life. Instead of passively passing through their own lives, they’re interested in motivation, wisdom and advice on how to better approach all the millions of moments ahead.

Kitty was one of those who emailed me, and of course, I stalked her a bit and realized her drawings run the gamut from glamorous and beautiful to photographic, in a sense, sometimes telling the literal story of the subject in one snapshot.

So I messaged Brianne asking her for a copy. And when she said she loved my illustrations and asked to work together on something I jumped at the chance and suggested doing a series of drawings from our favourite quotes from the list.

On the drawings: It look me much longer than I thought it would to translate the concept into a drawing. And I wanted to make them cool.

I made so many sketches but then for some reason kept thinking about Fran Lebowitz all the time for the word ‘inspiration’, mostly from her doc Public Speaking. So I drew her. She seems like someone who would be an amazing and terrifying mentor who’d toughen you up and be pretty inspiring.

Here's the other sketch I was thinking of using: 
Our chief want in life is for someone to inspire us to be what we want to be.
If you love inspirational quotes as much as I do, look out for more! I'll be drawing and we'll be posting weekly. Enjoy! Don't forget to share it if you dig it.

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