June 13, 2013

How to Sleep Like a Baby / Amenpapa Playbook Exhibition

amenpapa playbook exhibition
Last week I stopped by the AMENPAPA Playbook exhibition that was happening at their Silvercord TST store.

First of all, what is a playbook? I found out about the project when Ambassadors of Design contacted me, since I did a piece for them during last year's DETOUR. AMENPAPA is a HK fashion label and  they wanted to get together some artists, designers and other creative people in the city to decorate and play with their lookbook to raise awareness for mental illness, thus a playbook exhibition.

There were lots of stylish people there, hipsters wearing bright neons and loud patterns and they had a live performance with a lovely singer and acoustic guitar accompaniment.

kitty holding playbook
Here I am with my playbook! I decorated mine mostly by painting anxious girls and anxious phrases inside with messy inks and gouache. My inner Tracey Emin came out to play. More photos of my drawings at the end of the post

neon orange pom pom playbook
A playbook decorated to resemble a pillow complete with pom pom trim, perfect with the exhibition's theme "How to Sleep Like a Baby".

amenpapa TST store
The brand's founder Salina in a bright peach coloured dress and the table displaying the playbooks on the right.

fuschia doodle on music sheet
Doing a little doodle the audience during a speech, I wish all parties were as fully stocked with art supplies, there were jars of markers and pencil crayons on the big table in the middle of the store, I was in heaven.

ootd at Amenpapa store display
I wore some wacky washed silk walking shorts I bought the day before from a deadstock junk shop in Mong Kok near the flower market, I also got these really awesome porcelain spoons from there as well. Wearing it with an Martin + Osa button up, vintage crochet bag and Mark & Spencer ballet flats.

Click to see photos from my playbook I created for the AMENPAPA Sleep Like a Baby Exhibition after the jump.

drawing by Kitty N. Wong / AMENPAPA Playbook

drawing by Kitty N. Wong / AMENPAPA Playbook

drawing by Kitty N. Wong / AMENPAPA Playbook

drawing by Kitty N. Wong / AMENPAPA Playbook

The exhibition is on all month at their Tsim Sha Tsui Silvercord shop. Go and have a visit! And then go eat xiao long baos at Din Tai Fung in the same mall afterwards.

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