June 21, 2013

Recent Work / Burberry Duffles for Bagaholic Boy Illustration Process

Burberry Duffel bags and Pouches / Kitty N. Wong Illustration
Happy Friday guys! Just a quick little post on my new illustration I did for BagahohlicBoy.com this week of Burberry's Duffel bags and small pouches from their Men's S/S 2014 runway show. They come in 12 delicious candy colours and were very yummy to illustrate. 

Burberry Duffel bags and Pouches / Kitty N. Wong Illustration process shot
Here's a little peek into the process, the approval sketches on the left and a process shot on the right. I painted these in gouache and outlined with a bit of pencil. I just love using gouache now, the even flat slightly opaque washes of colour you get using it thinned with water.

Who would have guessed I would grow to love gouache so much, we were forced to use it every week back in first year university in our Colour and Design class and we all pined for streak free acrylic then. I didn't use gouache for a really long time mainly out of resentment, but I'm so happy to have rediscovered it this year. And actually, I kind of hate acrylics now, it looks a little plasticy and I think clean up is annoying with it since it dries so quickly on the palette. I don't like having to squeeze it fresh out of the tube every time.

What's your favourite mediums to paint with? I've been wanting to get these Caran d'Ache NeoColor Watersoluble Wax Pastels after I saw this Urban Sketchers Berlin post.

Read the BagaholicBoy post on the Burberry Prorsum Duffel bags here. And thank you so much to Alvin for the commission, always a pleasure working with you!

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