June 18, 2013

#ZigWisdom / Direction Literally Creates Time

Direction Literally Creates Time / illustration by Kitty N. Wong
Direction Literally Creates Time. #25

It's time for another ZigWisdom collaboration with Brianne Garcia! This one is more vague than our previous, sometimes Brianne chooses the quote and sometimes I choose it. This was her week and I loved what she had to say about it.

"If we approach our lives with the attitude of “time is money”, this could end badly, with us treating life’s precious moments like something we must quantify. However, when it comes to our life’s work,  I do believe we should treat our time like we would our $, and spend it wisely."

Go read the rest of Brianne's super awesome (as always) blog post on this week's ZigWisdom about having singular vision, focus and digging for those uncomfortable pockets of time secretly available to us.

Here's a WIP shot, I was inspired by this picture I found on YMFY.com.

Direction Literally Creates Time / WIP illustration by Kitty N. Wong

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