July 25, 2013

August Inspiration Collage / Soft and Loose like Cy Twombly

cy twombly, basquiat, tina berning, walasse ting, matisse art inspiration collage

I made an collage of art and things I've inspired by this last while, I'm going to print this out and look at it everyday this month and hope all this genius inspiration soaks into what I make by osmosis. I get so lost with my work sometimes and I don't know where I want it to go so let's see if putting up a sort of visual map will help.  Or maybe it'll just make me crazy and I'll end up spending the month screaming at my sketchbook "you can't be ugly, be pretty, be pretty!".

Clockwise from the top.

1. Basquiat. Crazy, free and exagerated like Jean-Michel.
2. Tina Berning's 100 Girls on Cheap Paper project. I like this idea of doing/drawing one thing until you develope your style and find what it is that works best for you.
3. Agnes Martin. I threw this in because I've been reading Art & Fear and they talk about seeing the first piece of art that inspires you to want to make art. When I first saw Martin's work in person a few years ago something about it really resonated with me and it's the first peice I remember feeling so moved by. It drew me in, so pale and full of depth.
4. Walasse Ting. Exaggerated proportions, carefree colours and paint strokes. Walasse Ting forever and ever.
5. Picasso. Exaggerated proportions. Draw from life, draw it so often that the way you put down a line becomes a habit and your habit becomes your style.
6. Matisse. Colour, pattern, sincerity, naivety.
7. Cy Twombly. Loose brush strokes and pencil scribbles.