July 10, 2013

Illustrations / Chanel and Lacroix for Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall 2013

Chanel HC Fall 2013 illustration
Chanel Haute Couture, 2013. Pencil and Gouache.

It's fashion week again! And it's my favourite time to experiment with new illustrations due to all the new inspiration, I love scrolling through all the shows for my "homework".

I've been fixing up my portfolio these last few weeks and have been spending countless hours looking at other illustrators' portfolios. I especially love Bernadette Pascua's, there's so much beautiful stuff there, I could spend hours there (and I do). And seeing her work has inspired to include more of my handwriting into my drawings.

Lacroix for Schiaparelli handwriting handlettering
Lacroix for Schiaparelli Haute Couture Party Hat Illustration
Party Hat, 2013. Pencil, gouache and collage. 

This pink and black striped drawing is inspired by the Christian Lacroix for Schiaparelli collection. I'm a huge Schiaparelli fan (basically all of my university projects had Surrealism listed in the theme somewhere). I had a really fun time doing this one, it's fairly big almost A3. Painted it with a huge messy brush, exaggerated the features and experimented with some 3D collage elements for her brooch and headpiece.

Both of these prints and iPhone cases are available for sale on my Society6 store. The Lacroix one, and the Chanel one.


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