July 18, 2013

This Month I've Been: June Bloom

Well this one is a bit late! I'm just having a really hard time over here wrapping my head around the fact that this month is more than half over and this year is also half way over. But anyways, other than my weekly existential time crisis, here's what I've been doing in June:

Kitty N. Wong / art supplies on vsco cam
Buying little treats for myself at the art supply/stationery store. New equipment and tools always = new inspiration, here I got a felt calligraphy pen (terrible for writing but awesome for sketching!), some charcoal sticks and a grease pencil.

Kitty N. Wong /  DIY Rainbow Gouache Portable Paint Palette
Refilled my portable gouache palette, I get really excited when my art supplies start to get all gunky it's like tangible proof I've been doing my homework and practicing.

It reminds me of this Chinese fable I used to listen to as a kid on cassette tape about a calligraphy student who asked his teacher how he could become a master and the teacher told him to practice until the the pond at the front of his house would turn black from him rinsing out his ink brushes. I definitely attend the school of the black ink pond.

Kitty N. Wong / Basil plant watercolour sketch on VSCOCAM
Painting basil leaves, my windowsill planter has been invaded with tiny mealybugs. At first I thought their fuzzy little white bodies were kind of cute but after destroying my jasmine and basil plants I have changed my mind.

Kitty N. Wong / Grace Kelly watercolour portrait sketch
Experimenting with drawing styles. I'm always thinking about developing my own drawing style, doing some determined doodles of Grace Kelly.

Kitty N. Wong / red henna stain nails
Henna-ing my nails! My mom bought me a cone of henna from her trip to Singapore and I stained my nails with them, it looks pretty cute I think. I started off a rich brown-red and is now faded to a light bright orange.

Kitty N. Wong / we deplete man's resources by failing to use them
Working on my Zig Wisdoms. This is #19 from the series, read more about it on Brianne Garcia's site.

Kitty N. Wong / Chinese banquet suckling pig sketches drawings
Painting suckling pig and other yummies for a client's wedding invitations. Can't wait to show you guys when the job gets printed in August.

Kitty N. Wong / fashion illustration girl in stripe suit streetstyle sketch
Spent time at my uncle's house when my parents were away in Singapore. They don't have WIFI so I made my own fun by painting in my sketchbook in the evenings. It was amazing, I got so much work done that week, I slept over at their place and used mine as a studio. I loved walking to the 'studio' in the morning and then going 'home' at a set time for dinner, the older I get the more I realize how much I love/need a schedule. Such a fuddy-duddy.

Kitty N. Wong / peony orchids at Mong Kong flower market
Exploring the flower market in Mong Kong! That place is amazing, I never really walked around there in depth, but they have all the beautiful flowers; peonies, patchouli in pots, lots of luscious basil, everything!

I hope you had a great month! You can follow me on Instagram @kittynwong for daily updates.

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