July 15, 2013

Fashion Week Streetstyle Sketches Inspired by Vanessa Jackman

illustration streetstyle sketch / louis vuitton and red coat ermine girl
Some sketches I've been doodling over the past few days. I got a 30 pack of really affordable watercolour paper at Hong Kong Art Supplies Professional in Mong Kok last week and since then I've have just been painting with abandon.

I've also been listening to Sam Weber's intimate chatty podcast where he interviews an illustrator or designer each episode, it's called My Dreams, Your Nightmares and if you work or want to work in this industry you should really check it out. The Melinda Beck episode is my favourite so far, she is so charismatic and inspiring, and the music selection for the show is always spot on and educational.

illustration streetstyle sketch in the Tuileries garden in blue peplum dress and red valentino heels
All these sketches were inspired by scrolling through streetstyle photographer Vanessa Jackman's beautiful blog, she captures light and women's faces so beautifully. Enjoy!

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