September 22, 2012

Some Lace and Fabric Flowers

Alright, alright, so it's still a while until Mid-Autumn Festival, but I've already eaten a million mooncakes and I've been dying to try out this little circle layout so it might as well be now.

I have some exciting news! A few months ago I was invited to join Zao Zao (早找) which is a new Asian online pre-retailer, it's kind of like Kickstarter for fashion designers, there's a curated selection of designers and they each upload their own designs and customers can pre-order on the site. It's a cool new platform where fashion and tech meet and hopefully it'll also be a great way for emerging designers to connect with customers and for customers to discover and support new talent. I'm so excited now that I can finally say I have a stockist!

So last week my friend Helene and I went on a little photoshoot to take photos to put up on the site and here are some shots and outtakes from the day, stayed tune to see the final photos and to shop on Zao Zao!

The design I'll be uploading is the black Dolce lace top, created originally for the Redress Ecochic Design Competition which happened earlier this year. If you followed my old blog you'll probably have seen these before but I was inspired by the idea of 'Memory & Forgetting' and below are the inspiration board and sketches from the competition.

The opening party is this Wednesday and it's happening at Kapok in Wanchai, please stop by and if you see me come say hi! That same night is also the Social Media Week Blogger talk "What makes a Great Brand/Blogger Partnership" which I'll also be attending! I'm excited to go, they've got some really great speakers and I'm also excited to meet some other bloggers as well! Anyone else heading to the Social Media Week events this coming week?

Photos by the wonderful Helene Kwong! Thanks so much for helping me!

September 13, 2012

Girl Leaves House, Still does Crafts. My Night at FNO.

You know, I don't spend all my nights hunched over my desk pencil in hand. Sometimes I even go out, like last Friday for Hong Kong's first Fashion Night Out! My university mate Helene just moved to Hong Kong so we spent an amazing evening exploring together.

Here I'm wearing a vintage top made with fabric recycled from an old kimono, it's the most beautiful fabric with little snails on leaves I wear it all the time. On the bottom: Uniqlo jeans, n.d.c. brogues paired with Accessorize necklace, and my l.a. Eyeworks their gimmick being that they only produce one of each style.

My favourite thing by far was the tapestry workshop with Suzie Stanford at Lane Crawford's Pacific Place location. We went really early and was lucky enough to have Suzie teach us some basic stitching techniques. I started a little rat embroidery to take home which will be finished probably never, tapestry is harrrrrrrrd, and I was like 'Caaaan we take a breeeeeeak?'.

So we hoped on over to the other side of the harbour to play at the IFC location where pretty, pretty model Amanda S. was serving up some pretty, pretty pastries at her pop-up shop petite Amanda.

There were so many people lining up for paper cut-out portraits with Japanese artist Shoko Tsuchida, we waited forever but still didn't get one, I was sooo sad. Her work is amazing of course, but look at how cute her outfit is! Little white scissor tights and a scissor print dress.

We got fake tattoos done! Fake tattoos and henna are so cool, I keep meaning to add them to my regular wardrobe, it's such a special, lazy way to accessorize. It's been almost a week and my tattoo is still 75% on. Here Helene models her fresh diamond spike tat with a few scoops of deeeelicious XTC Gelato (try the salted caramel, it's a mouth party).

Super cool model DJ Eve Special was spinning cool beats all night. Here is me & Helene trying to be friends with her. 

Here's a good look at all the fashionistas in Hong Kong, on the Left: the new guard, all the cool underground kids with their out of this world outfits. And on the right we've got the fashion establishment: Grace Lam of Vogue China and Wyman, HK's celebrity lyricist/fashion icon.

FNO was so much fun! A big thank you to Helene for coming with me and for so generously letting me use your photos for this post. All the pretty in focus photos are by her, the others and the poor photo editing are all by me.

Did your city have a Fashion Night Out? Did you go? How was your experience?