December 8, 2014

Sketches / Pradasphere

Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
Did you know Lorde was in town? Playing a secret concert for the opening of Prada's new exhibition Pradasphere in Hong Kong? No? Me either, but don't worry us plebes still got the chance to check out the fabulous exhibition housed in a temporary but glorious structure on top of Pier 4 in Central.

You've never seen the Lamma Island pier look so glamourous, the whole building got a Prada makeover with 'Yue Shue Wan' proclaimed in white letters on a sleek black background. And when you step inside onto the lush black and green checkered carpeting you are transformed into Miuccia's world and the brand's history starting from the 1970's onwards.
Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
If it's one thing I love it's visiting fashion exhibitions.
Here's a few of the sketches I made at the exhibition, I love doing quick sketches while looking at the real thing it makes all the difference in making drawings with a lively immediate quality. After I got home I added a thin wash of colour in gouache and watercolour.
Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch

Kitty N. Wong / Pradasphere Sketch
All these Prada shoe prints are available for sale on my Etsy shop, I'm also selling the set of original little sketches too, email me if you want to cop those.

Click through for the [IMG HEAVY] post with all the delicious photos from Pradaphere, warning-- you'll want to buy all the things.

December 3, 2014

5 Days in Tokyo / Sticker + Postcard Set

Kitty N. Wong / 5 Days in Tokyo Illustrated Postcard
One of my new years resolutions for 2014 was to make a zine and distribute it, but every time I came home from a trip I would begin to paint and make sketches for a zine but I could never finish it. It starts getting tedious and arranging the pages seem really confusing to me.

But! I finally found a solution! Instead of a zine, I made this illustrated postcard about my spontaneous trip to Japan in September: '5 Days in Tokyo'. It's short and sweet but still tells the story about what I ate, what I saw and what (or who, hahahaha!) I did.

Kitty N. Wong / 5 Days in Tokyo Illustrated Postcard and Sticker Set
Kitty N. Wong / 5 Days in Tokyo Illustrated Postcard and Sticker Set
Like everyone else I like to talk forever about myself and my travels but this condensed format doesn't really let me do that. Just little symbols and a sentence or two to explain each one.

I also made 8 piece stickers out of the little illustrated objects, portable talisman I can stick anywhere to remind me of the good times I had on the trip. A seashell collected from Kamakura beach, an Iphone for OkCupid/Tinder holiday flings, both fatty + lean tuna sushi from Tsukiji Fish Market, a sweet potato with soulful little eyes, a cool Tokyoite girl spotted at Omotesando shopping district and lastly the airplane window view of the perfectly manicured Japanese farmland.

I hope that people will look at the objects in the set and wonder what kind of story I'm trying to tell, like a puzzle you can decorate things with.

Kitty N. Wong / 5 Days in Tokyo Illustrated Sticker SetKitty N. Wong / 5 Days in Tokyo Illustrated Sticker Set
I'm gonna be making these postcards for all my trips now, next stop: 5 Days in Chaing Mai for Christmas! Helllloo elephants and delicious Thai food!

Buy the '5 Days in Tokyo' sticker set from my Etsy shop themarrow and get the free matching postcard! They'll perfect stocking stuffers for your kawaii wanderlusting pals. Gotta stick 'em all!

November 1, 2014

Sketchbook / Is The Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive?

Kitty N. Wong / Is The Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive?
Maybe it's the eternal student instinct in me but I love attending lectures, they're usually super interesting, a good opportunity for me to pretend to be a very serious scholar/artist, and if nothing else they present some nice downtime to make some doodles and people watch.

And that's exactly what I did at the Para Site Conference for their "Is the Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive? The New Performance Turn, its Histories and its Institutions" series a few months ago.

Kitty N. Wong, 2014.
Is The Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive? Ballpoint pen on paper.
30 cm x 21 cm.

October 23, 2014

Live Drawing / Marks & Spencer

Kitty N. Wong / Marks and Spencer Illustration
Last month I got a super exciting chance to create an original illustration for Marks & Spencer! I love M&S, when I was in England this summer I stocked up on so many pairs black tights and comfy-cute bras. Plus they're so nice there, whenever I stop by the stores here in Hong Kong they always call me ma'am, I into that.

Located in Lanson Hotel in Causeway Bay, M&S hosted the press event to present their A/W 2014 collection and to celebrate their first time presenting at London Fashion Week. This was the first time I've ever been outfitted by a brand for their event, it was so much fun to pick out an outfit with the M&S team, after many maybe outfits I finally chose a body hugging mid-calf Per Una dress in a red and black geometric print paired with gold and silver accessories. I love how the dress is super comfy (girrrl, I gotta werk!) has a qi-pao vibe because of the length but it's still super modern because of the print and stretch knit fabric.

Kitty N. Wong / Marks and Spencer Live Sketch Artist
READ ON to see more photos of the event and my live illustrations.

October 17, 2014

Quotes / Dressing Up

Kitty N. Wong / We can dress up for our own pleasure, but we must stand up for our rights - Naomi Wolf
One of my favourite quotes about feminism and beautification, but I think it also applies to a lot of other privileges in life as well.

October 15, 2014

September TMI / This Month I: Went to Tokyo!

Kitty N. Wong / Harajuku Mural OOTD
Over the past year I've discovered that I love travelling so much! I can really say that now, when I was younger I liked traveling, I knew it was something that was important to like, but I didn't love-love-love it. I was a bit scared of it and while abroad I would only ever do daytime activities and I would always make sure to retreat back to my hostel before it got dark out.

Maybe it's getting older and having a little more experience and disposable income but with each trip I feel more and more liberated, I'm probably more adventurous and open to new experiences while I'm traveling now and I'm constantly scheming about how I can go on my next vacation.

Kitty N. Wong / Marion Crepes in Harajuku
Marion Crepes, I read in my guide book this is the original place to get crepes in Harajuku and duh, you have to eat a crepe while shopping in Harajuku. It's the kawaii thing to do. But while it looks super cute in photos, the crepe was full of artificial cream and not very delicious.

Kitty N. Wong / Andrew Zimmern Egg Portrait
I drew this while catching an episode of Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern, tell me this doesn't look egg-actly like him. No word yet on whether this particular egghead has met his hard-boiled end during breakfast time.

Kitty N. Wong / Marks & Spencer Live Drawing
This month I also got to work with the amazing Marks and Spencer team to create an illustration for their A/W 2014 press preview event where I got to live draw some of the media guest right into the illustration alongside Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and M&S spokespersons Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and David Gandy.

They were also kind enough to outfit me in this amazing graphic print Per Una dress and little black patent t-strap heels. I felt soh kyute!

Kitty N. Wong / Martin Parr Ballpoint Pen Sketch
One of my absolute favourite photographers came to do a lecture in Hong Kong! Martin! Parr!

Speaking of traveling, it was on a trip to Paris where I was first introduced to Parr's work. I saw an ad for one of his exhibitions "Planète Parr" on show at the Jeu de Paume on the Paris Metro (ah, the wonderful exhibition ads in the Paris and London subways, how I love thee) and I just had to go.

After hearing him speak and explain his process a little, I don't even know how else to describe the man except that he's just soooo coool. Blog post to come soon!

Kitty N. Wong / Girl Portrait Logo for
I got to create a logo for my friend Nicole's brand new website, I'm so happy I got to help her create this portrait to use as a logo for her site and it was so much fun to make.

Kitty N. Wong / Japanese Chrysanthemum Sake Packaging
After every trip I always get post-vacation blues, I love being able to roam around a city all day, have travel buddies to hang out with all the time and meet new people and it can be so jarring to switch back to home/work mode. Good thing I bought a lot of souvenirs in Japan all complete with cute packaging like this sake juice box, it even comes with a straw. Weirrrrrd.

Kitty N. Wong / Yellow Ribbon
"We can dress up for our own pleasure, but we must speak up for our rights." - Naomi Wolf.

That quote is often how I feel about living in Hong Kong, we love our hedonistic pleasures here but we also have a lot of freedom and while we should enjoy them we shouldn't forget that this freedom is a privilege and we should make sure we stand up to protect it. I made this little sketch to support the Occupy Central protests that have been going on.

Kitty N. Wong / Tiffany & Co. Live Drawing
To finish off this month of Tokyo hopping and face-drawing, here is a favourite portrait from the live sketching job I did for Tiffany & Co a few weeks ago for their in-store event. The guest was even wearing the exact shade of Tiffany blue, how perfect.

September 3, 2014

August TMI / This Month I: Night Hiked + Quick Sketches

Kitty N. Wong / Lauren Bacall Pen and Ink Illustration
RIP Lauren Bacall, she along with Marilyn Monroe were two of my favourite old Hollywood stars. I used to watch How to Marry A Millionaire on repeat in my early teens. I'll still put it own whenever I'm feeling down. That broad sure was on the level.

Old Master Q Original Draft
Do you guys know about Old Master Q? 老夫子! Ohhh my gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this comic. As a kid living in Hong Kong, I used to go for dim sum with my grandma every weekend and each time she would give me a few bucks to go down to the newsstand to buy the new issue of Old Master Q so I would sit still for a even just a second during the meal. They were selling originals (!) at Sotheby's, I got a chance to check out the exhibition and most of the pieces still had me laughing out loud. So much love.
Kitty N. Wong / Tai Po at Night Sketch
I've been so into night hiking this month, I've been challenging myself each week with a hike from Wong Tai Sin to Sha Tin Wai and it feels so good to see myself improving. And the hike itself is magical too, monkeys (ok, sometimes scary), lighting bugs and the trail ends just 5 mins from the MTR. Ugh! Too good. I drew this little sketch after a walk along the Tai Po Promenade where the sampans were parked for the night, romantic!

Kitty N. Wong / Strawberry Milk Illustration
Pink is the word, is the word that you heard. It's got groove, it's got meaning. Pink is the time, is the place, it's the motion. Pink is the way we are feeling. I've been collection pink things this month just by accident: strawberry fields Tic Tacs (ew!), plastic hair thingymabobs, Japanese peach candies with adorable packaging, my new Kate Spade Saturday card case and my Strawberry Milk illustrated postcard.

Kitty N. Wong / DIY Hot Sauce Label
One of my favourite things about being an illustrator is drawing ridiculously inane things for my friends for their birthdays. May I present 'Jumpin' Josh Hot Sauce', so hot it'll make you hop.

Kitty N. Wong / Hand Drawn Paper Crowns
At last, it's my 27th birthday and just like that I'm in my late twenties. How did that happen? I did a casual day at the beach and BBQ in the evening at Shek O this year and I made these illustrated crowns for all my friends to wear for the festivities. Ifffffff I could turn back time (then I'd be Cher, I guess).

August 17, 2014

Go Places / Make Things

Kitty N. Wong / Go Places / Make Things

Fall schedule: go places, make things. Rinse and repeat. I've been reading Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman's super interesting social experiment/blog 40 Days of Dating so I felt like doing some hand-lettering myself.

Print of Go Places / Make Things is available on my Etsy shop, go have a look!

August 11, 2014

Recent Work / Tod's x BagaholicBoy Goes to Milan

Kitty N. Wong / Illustration - Bagaholic Boy Goes to Milan
A few months ago Bagaholic Boy asked me to create a few illustrations for him to celebrate his upcomping trip to attend the Tod's runway show in Milan. Such a fun job, although I've never been to Italy before (I did work in an Italian restaurant during university, ciao Giovanna!) I have eaten a lot of pasta. I did some research and went on a little sightseeing tour of Milan on the interwebs and found the landmarks that were most representative of the city. I finally settled on the Arc of Peace, the Arco della Pac at "Porta Sempione".

I almost never draw architeture so this was a fun challenge, notice the bronze goddess at the top riding in her chariot with the little D-Cube Micro Bowler in the crook of her arm. They seeeeeee her rollin' they hatin' (even in Ancient Greece Chamillionaire is relevant).

Kitty N. Wong / Tod's D-Cube Shopping Bags Fashion Illustration
Tod's D-Cube Shopping Bags

Kitty N. Wong / Tod's D-Cube Micro Bowler Fashion Illustration #bags
Tod's D-Cube Micro Bowler

August 6, 2014

July TMI / This Month I: Floated Along the Molten River of HK Summer

Sailing along a molten river is a bit of a problematic analogy, what would my vessel be made out of? Surely not wood, that thing would explode into a mountain of flames as soon as I cast off. A metal dingy? No way, the river is made of rocks that are so hot they're melted. Get rrrrreal.

Anyways, that's how I felt this month. This summer month just drifted by idyllically while I binged watched a lot of Orphan Black and now before I know it it's already August.

painting rainbow pick up stix
I've been painting some designs for scarves! Working Artfiy, a company here in Hong Kong that partners with local artists to create printed goods from their artwork the scarves will feature my illustrations and should be ready in a few months so keep your eyes out!

madame bao postcard shelfie in teal colourway
The Madame Bao postcard was featured in The Black Ren's always chic and minimalist #shelfies, get your own pack on my Etsy Shop. Thanks Daniel!

painting crochet pattern
Another design for the Artify x Kitty N. Wong line of scarves, this one is a continuation from the illustration Rainbow Crochet Girl.

Kitty N. Wong / elephant parade
Spent a lovely Sunday one the last weekend of this month painting a little elephant in support of #ElephantParade a campaign to raise awareness for the endangered Asian elephant. I'm so happy I get to paint to help support such a great cause!

Swire Properties is going to host Hong Kong's first Elephant Parade this summer at Pacific Place Hong Kong, Cityplaza and Citygate Outlets starting in August so keep your eyes out for them!

jade market in Hong Kong YMT
My 27th birthday is coming up next month (gulp!) and I've been thinking about buying myself some jewels to celebrate, last week I hit up the Jade Bazaar in Yau Ma Tei to hunt for some booty and little pearl earrings.

red dress ootd and doodle of HK IFC and Lion's Rock
At the library, procrastination by doodlenation. Wearing my new red seamed dress from Kate Spade Saturday, Sseko sandals and vintage woven leather bag.

mrs eaves ink painting at above second art gallery in hong kong
Got to check out Gemma O'brien typographic work at Pop: Summer Group Show, it's so cool to see the works in the flesh since I'm always admiring her spew bags through my tiny iPhone screen, The show is on now until August 23 at Above Second in Sai Ying Pun.

Kitty N. Wong / redheads painting of lily cole and karen elson WIP
July has been a slow painting month - I told you I'm currently drifting (adrift is probably more accurate) down the molten river of summer laziness. Here's a WIP shot of the redhead painting I've been slowly working on - hawt.

August 1, 2014

Recent Work / RSVP

Kitty N. Wong / RSVP illustration for Hong Kong Tatler
My newest illustration for Hong Kong Tatler: "Is the RSVP a Dying Art?". Drawn in ballpoint pen and coloured digitally. I just have a total soft spot for the colour pink right now, especially a cool and crisp shade like this one.

Read the article here. As always thanks to the editor Charmaine!

July 30, 2014

10 Minute Fashion Figures

Kitty N. Wong / Arizona Muse Fashion Illustration
A few loose and fast streetstyle fashion figures I painted in gouache, pencil and charcoal. I made these a couple of months ago to use in a promo to advertise my new live fashion illustration service, then I got super busy and never had a chance to share them with you guys on the blog. So, here they are now!

My favourite is the first one inspired by this photo of Arizona Muse, I love mini-dresses, and especially with her mile long legs in those over the knee boots, muah!

Kitty N. Wong / Blue Fashion Illustration

Kitty N. Wong / Green Ballroom Skirt Fashion Illustration

Kitty N. Wong / Orange Streetstyle Fashion Illustration
The prints are available on my Etsy shop TheMarrow if you're interested, they make a great set framed for a fashion girl's apartment wall art.

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July 17, 2014

Sketch / Uptown Girl in Ink + Non Photo Blue

Kitty N. Wong / Uptown Girl 
Quick little ink drawings from last night. I'm working with a company here in Hong Kong to produce some silk scarves with my illustrations on them! I'm so excited, but working with those huge files on Photoshop to create patterns can be really tedious.

I've been reading Lynda Barry's cartoon class blog for-eva-eva but I never actually get around to doing the exercises, but last night she posted this photo with the instructions "why not take 20 minutes to draw this picture? Start with non-photo blue pencil for five minutes and then take 15-20 minutes to ink it in."

Fun, creative and non-committal! Here's mine.

Kitty N. Wong / ink drawings of girls

Kitty N. Wong / Lana Del Rey with cat
I also made another drawing with the same technique of Lana Del Rey from her new Rolling Stones cover, Saddest/Baddest Diva. I love how the cat turned out, look at his little eyes. Meow.

I'm selling both of these little paintings. They're originals, each $50USD and 16cm x 21cm. Email me at kitty.n.wong (at) if you're interested!

July 16, 2014

June TMI / This Month I: Got Back to the City

Kitty N. Wong / London Skyline
On my very last day in London I spent the afternoon wolfing down scones and chamomile tea at the top floor restaurant at the National Portrait Gallery, it's got one of the best and most interesting views of London, looking towards the Thames behind Trafalgar Square.

Kitty N. Wong / Gold Trimmings
Feeling super inspired and creative from my trip in London, I wanted to make sure that I had a fabulous outfit to wear to The Golden Age, Duddell's 1st Anniversary Party. I went to Sham Shui Po, HK's sewing district to find fabric and trimmings and made my own costume, a gold lame qi-pao. I felt like THIS is how a young girl should live, like a F. Scott Fitzgerald adaption of Cinderella staying up into the wee hours to sew my own dress for the ball. Check out the final look here, complete with gold flakes under my eyes. Gold Dust Woman!

Kitty N. Wong / Xu Bing Sketchbook
 Sketches from the Xu Bing exhibition at Asia Society, read the full blog post here.

Kitty N. Wong / I will not just be a tourist in the world of images
"I will not just be a tourist in the world of images" - Anais Nin. Practicing hand-lettering which is always fun and easy.

Kitty N. Wong / London scrapbook
Organizing my London-trip sketchbook, a pressed daisy, the flowers were ubiquitous on the sidewalks and in the parks all over the city. An art nouveau sticker from my favourite fast-food joint LEON's, and a ticket stub from Chatsworth House.

Kitty N. Wong / thai chicken curry illustration
 Working slowly (but not even all that surely) on my London zine.

Kitty N. Wong / Repulse Bay Landscape Drawing
Spent an accidental afternoon at the beach, that's one of my favourite things about this cosmopolitan city, as cramped as the highrises are you are never too far from nature. This is Repluse Bay, a 20 minute bus ride from Central.

Kitty N. Wong / Grlue Girl
Just some loose sketches, since being back, maybe because it's the humid summer but I've had a hard time finding my daily rhythm and routine again. Doing little drawings without any purpose in mind always helps me feel better.

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