June 26, 2014

Painting / Inky Beauties on Cheap Paper

Kitty N. Wong / Beauty Ink Fashion Illustration
Kitty N. Wong / Beauty # 3 Ink Fashion Illustration
Beauty #1, #2, #3, 2014.
Gouache on paper.
30 cm x 21 cm.

Experimenting with a liner brush on cheap cheap paper the other night. Sometimes I go to events and I end up coming home with a huge stack of press releases, that stresses me out because I'm always trying to be as environmentally friendly as I can. The other night I was practicing brush lettering on my back side of the old press releases (reuse! reduce! recycle!) and saw this gorgeous photo of Natalia Vodianova in fur and felt an irresistible urge to paint her pretty face.

But then I was like no it wouldn't look good, not with just a paintbrush and some ink. It's not going to look good! But what's the harm? I've got all this paper. I did one, it was terrible so I made another one, and another and another. Here are three of my favourites from my stack that evening.

Beauty #1 is available as a print or iPhone, Samsung phone case on my Society6 Shop now! You buy one and look so chic while you chat on your phone with all your friends because you're so popular!

June 24, 2014

May TMI / This Month I: Was a Dream Girl in a Dream City

Kitty N. Wong / Hold a mirror to my soul and tell me that I'm not alone.
Month of May it's a violent thing! I can't believe May has come and gone again. May was indeed a bit violent at least for my schedule. I had three live-drawing gigs booked! One of which was for Lane Crawford, and the second was during Art Basel at the Chai Wan Mei Village event for Tangram x Spottly. This mirror I painted was part of my booth and mini-exhibition where I sat and painted large watercolour portraits for the price of a deep dark secret from my subject.

Kitty N. Wong / Damien Hirst Shark for Tatler Hong Kong
My illustration for Tatler Hong Kong art month's The Great Debate: Can Art Still Shock? Read the article here. As always thanks to the editor Charmaine.

Kitty N. Wong / Xu Bing Sketchbook
Sketches at the Xu Bing exhibition at Asia Society. Read more about it on my blog post

Kitty N. Wong / DIY travelling earrings holder
As I was getting ready for my upcoming trip to London, I found a new use for those watercolour scraps that have no use but are too cute to throw away. I used the paper to pin all my earrings together so they're organized when I'm travelling. I hope people noticed that I wore these very location appropriate Big Ben earrings all throughout my London trip, just like Miss Frizzle would do. Dee. Eye. Why?

Kitty N. Wong / The Tube London Underground sketch book
My first sketch in London made on the tube from Heathrow to my hostel in Holborn. The Tube, so expensive and so rickety! During my trip, I mostly ended up taking the bus or walking. And since being back in Hong Kong, I have gained back all the weight I lost while walking everywhere in London since being able to afford public transportation again.

Kitty N. Wong / Calliope mosaic at National Gallery London
First stop in LDN: National Portrait Gallery. NPG! NPG! NPG! This gorgeous mosaic floor was taken at the neighboring National Gallery, dope!

Kitty N. Wong / Writing on mirror
Last month was so special, not only did I get to visit a new country for the first time, but I also got to witness my very special friend designer and illustrator Belinda Love Lee get married in Wales.  During the ceremony inside a beautiful marquee decked out in white and the most delicate shade of grlue (green + blue) I snapped a pic with my pretty university pal Katelyn Bishop, who is also a talented graphic designer.

Kitty N. Wong / Henry Wassel girl's thighs sketch book
Sketching Henry Wessel photographs at Tate Modern.

Kitty N. Wong / Vintage Flats Shopping in London
I did a lot of walking when I was in London and during my walks I pretty much stopped at every single charity shop I came across. Retromania by Fara was my favourite, not only are they a really well curated vintage shop but all the proceeds go to charity. I got this super sick 70's white and blue printed batwing dress, can't wait to show you guys!

Kitty N. Wong / Robert Mapplethorpe sketchbook at Tate Modern
Sketching Robert Mapplethorpe photos while waiting for my time slot to the Matisse: The Cut-Outs to start. Overlooking St. Paul and the Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern really is a magical space in a magical city.

Love you so much London!
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June 21, 2014

Painting / Pick Up Stix

Kitty N. Wong / Pick Up Stix - Fashion Painting
Pick Up Stix, 2014.
Gouache and pencil on paper.
25 cm x 18 cm.

The events of last evening night unfolded exactly like the plotline of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but by that I mean if painting was my Taye Diggs and my desk was Jamaica, sadly. I've been in a work funk ever since I got back form my holiday in England. As a freelancer it's easy to slide off the rails with no boss, co-workers and regular office hours to keep you in check.

Before I left I had my routine down pat, with a to-do list with time slots written out each night before I went to bed (it really helps!). But since I've been back I've been finding it almost impossible to get back on track and into painting regularly again.

I've been slowly working on my London zine, but haven't been feeling super inspired. Thankfully there's Pinterest, I was scrolling through it last night and came across an image I really like from Zimmerman's Resort 2015 lookbook and used it as a starting point for this new painting.

June 18, 2014

Metamorphosis / Xu Bing at Asia Society

Kitty N. Wong / Silkworms sketchbook
Before I left for my holiday in England I was lucky enough to be invited to preview 'It Begins with Metamorphosis' by the acclaimed Chinese artist Xu Bing at Asia Society. Acclaimed usually sounds like some frou-frou word which you use to describe someone who you know nothing about except that they're really famous. But in his case, Xu was rewarded the MacArthur Fellowship in 1999 (yes, the 'Genius Grant'!), so you know he's legit (bow down).

As you walk into the exhibition you are greeted by a large vase of mulberry cuttings, upon closer inspection you see that the stems are covered in small white silkworms feeding on the green leaves. As the show continues, the worms continue to devour the leaves leaving behind nothing but brown stems and the cocoons of the themselves entwined in silk.

Kitty N. Wong / Asia Society Buddha
I had never been to Asia Society until I went to see the Caravaggio exhibition a few months before, I had only seen pictures and it seemed like a magical secret place hidden amongst the trees high up in Admiralty with an illuminated walkway and peaceful Buddha sculptures. It didn't seem like a real place you could go to in Hong Kong, but alas love is a place and spring was in the air.

CLICK THROUGH to see more photos, sketches and what I wore from my luscious day at Xu Bing's 'It Begins with Metamorphosis' at Asia Society.

June 13, 2014

Live Drawing / Guest Artist at Lane Crawford

Kitty N. Wong / Live Drawing at Lane Crawford
I'm so excited to share that I was invited by Lane Crawford to be one of their live drawing artist for the Global Traveller in store event last month. They had three artist working at each of their Hong Kong locations, Cary Kwok at IFC, who's work I was really inspired by after seeing it at ARTHK11 and Telephone Fung at Times Square, Causeway Bay. It was surreal to see one of my illustrations blown up as a life-size backdrop for this job!

For three days I was set up at the Canton Rd. store doing quick 5 minute live portraits for guests of the event. How can you top a temporary studio inside Lane Crawford? Surrounded by a bucket of drawing utensils, glamorous people, the latest collections, amazing soundtrack and an endless stream of sparkling water (gelato and bubbly too!), I felt spoiled! 

The theme of the illustration was 'Front Row' the idea being that the guest would be sketched sitting next to some of the fashion greats, Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, his little kitty Choupette and Anna Della Russo. I also wanted to feature an Asian star so who better than Fan Bing Bing? Who is known for her otherworldly beauty and out of this world fashion choices.

Kitty N. Wong / Live Fashion Drawing at Lane Crawford Hong Kong
Click through to see the rest of the image heavy post and photos from the three day event.

June 10, 2014

I went to London and I'm making a zine about it

Kitty N. Wong / London girls in black tights and shoes
I'm back from my magical English vacation, tear!
In the past two weeks, I saw one of my good friends get married in a beautiful white and grlue ceremony in Wales, ate as many scones and clotted cream as humanely possible and saw as many art exhibitions as my legs, brain and eyeballs would allow (Hello Matisse Cut-Outs!).

So now that I'm back to Hong Kong, to a room with some lace and illustration papers, back the gypsy that I was. A gypsy that's getting her emails back in order. And I have some many wonderful pictures to upload and edit, my phone is litereally exploding with photos.

One of my 2014 new year's resolutions was to make a zine and get it distributed, so that's what I've been doing, taking the time to work on some drawings about my London travels.

Here's a little sneak peek at what I've making painting, inspired by The Smith's song Half a Person. I was so excited to go on this London trip, even if it was just to put this song on Facebook before I left. Sixteen clumsy and shy, I went to London and IIIIIIIII....