May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Nespresso Live Drawing / May 10 + 11

Kitty N. Wong / coffee sketch
Come visit me at work tomorrow!
For Mother's Day Nespresso Hong Kong has invited me and fellow artist Vvn Ho to do live portraits for their customers at their locations in Elements and IFC mall. Come say hi to us Saturday and Sunday from 3-5pm!

I'll be at the IFC location so if you're around come say HI!

May 3, 2014

April TMI / This Month I: Painted Faces and Left the City

Kitty N. Wong / Nan Yuan sketchbook pen drawing
Twenty minute sketch of the historical Nan Yuan Restaurant courtyard in Guangzhou, where it feels like you're eating dim sum at the Forbidden City in the Ming dynasty.

This month, we in Hong Kong were treated to a scrumptious extra-long public holiday over Easter weekend. I took the opportunity to take my mind off work for a few days by taking two mini vacations. First, a day trip to Po Toi O (Cloth Bay Bay) with my friends where we sailed to Kwo Chau Islands and looked at geo formations and then ate copious amounts of seafood.

Kitty N. Wong / Guangzhou Shamian Island Seine River
Then the next day my family and I spent one night and two days in Guangzhou, under magic hour's fading sun, for 2RMB the commuter ferry will take you along the colonial buildings of Shamian Island and under the river's many steel bridges where it looks mysteriously and nostalgically just like sailing down the Paris Seine.

Kitty N. Wong / Doodling heads and hair at conference
The month started with the much anticipated ParaSite Conference "Is The Living Body The Last Thing Left Alive" at Asia Society, I went because I wanted to learn more about performance art. There's that saying that 'If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room' this room was the exact opposite, everyone in it seemed so much smarter than me they could have been speaking a different language. I felt like a freshman who had accidentally stumbled into a Masters of Philosophy lecture on her first day of school, I spent most of the time doodling the back of people's heads of which there were many interesting hairstyles to choose from.

Kitty N. Wong / Amy Cappaellazzo WIP
Reading this month's Vogue I was inspired to do a painting of art dealer Amy Cappaellazzo, this is a WIP shot. 

Kitty N. Wong / Hat Girl Live Portrait
Last weekend, I had a really wonderful live drawing job booked for the Let's Spa-rty shopping and yoga event organized by Omberry, A Day with Fe and Hanuman, with the proceeds from the yoga session benefitting Mother's Choice. It was such a positive and relaxing place to do live portraits as I listened to the yogis and their teacher practice their downward dogs while I drew and interacted with the guests who came to sit down at my booth. This lovely sketch was one of the last ones I did from the two hour session she was wearing a beautiful millinery creation from Mei Chi, one of the vendors from the day.

Kitty N. Wong / Vincent Van Girgh
At the beginning of the month I had a little more time to paint personal work, but it's since gotten super busy with Art Basel coming up I've got a couple projects on my hands, and a few days of live drawing jobs booked and I'm getting ready for my London trip at the end of this month!

This is a small gouache painting, Vincent Van Girgh she's for sale as beautiful vivid prints on my Etsy shop.

Kitty N. Wong / Orchids painting WIP
Painting orchids for a bespoke wedding client. I've been getting to research gorgeous Bali landscapes for this job, sigh!

Kitty N. Wong / Chloe WIP Gouache
More swirly girly portraits. This one was inspired by Amanda Seyfried in the Givenchy ad campaigns, prints are also availabe for sale on Etsy.

Kitty N. Wong / YSL
TBT: it's that time of the year again, Le French May, I always have such good feelings toward Le French May, I feel it was an exhibition there that quietly helped steer me into the career I have now, I clearly remember going to the YSL retrospective feeling really inspired by the vast collection they had on display there, all the prints and interesting colours and cuts. Seeing that in combination with the Cary Kwok paintings at ARTHK12 I was so inspired I immediately came home after the exhibition and started making a few illustrations of my own. And then I also created a new blog to share them too, that was two years ago.

Kitty N. Wong / Postcard Pack
And lastly some postcard packages that I sent out this month, with some extra illustrated goodies, a pretty 25% off coupon and my business card. Get yours in my Etsy shop.

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