April 1, 2014

March TMI / This Month I: Drew Everywhere

Kitty N. Wong / Polaroid of live sketch in Hong Kong
This month I drew everywhere, I got out of my studio and into the real world which takes a real effort for most illustrators, its a career where we spend most of our time in front of our easel and hand in assignments via email. The most interesting place at which I set up this month was at the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui. I did a special pop-up live sketching session and invited friends and strangers to get painted for quick portraits right on the promenade. My friend photographer Josh Tam is making a video of the event which is coming soon!

This beautiful Polaroid is from photographer Dickey Lai.

Kitty N. Wong / Live sketch in Hong Kong of little girl in pink polkadots
Here's one of my lovely little models from the day, she was so shy and waited behind me for almost an hour hanging out watching as I did my other portraits, but after a little urging from her dad, my friends and I she finally came around and didn't want to stop posing even after we were done. So cute!

Kitty N. Wong / Affordable Art Fair streetstyle illustration
I also got to draw at the Affordable Art Fair for Sassy Hong Kong, see the drawings here

Kitty N. Wong / Live sketch booth at Sassy Mama Awards
And then some more live drawing for the Sassy Mama Awards. I set up a booth and did live portraits for the guest of the events, and it was extremely popular - 2 hours of non-stop drawing! It was exhilarating to interact with real people who were so interested in my work.

Kitty N. Wong / Cat Marnell painting business card
And of course, being out in the real world means you should have your business cards ready especially in a city like Hong Kong where it's all about giving out your "card". Make it rain bitches! I ran out of my self-portrait cards and get some new ones printed with my Cat Marnell painting on the back.

Kitty N. Wong / HKNeon Kansu Rest Garden Party
Mango, peach and cantaloupe, it was all bright and sweet with Paola, designer of Tangram at the M+ NeonSignsHK exhibition opening party. The night was sponsored by J.Crew and held in a park near Temple Street, directly across from one of the most impressive neon signs in the city.

Photo courtesy of M+.

Kitty N. Wong / Sketchbook Girls Collage
In an attempt to declutter, I started a new habit where I cut out bits from old drawings that I liked and collage them into my sketchbook which helps to slightly dismantle the mountain of old sketches that are not really good enough to save but of which I feel too precious about to just throw away.

Kitty N. Wong / Sketchbook Girl pratice
 I drew a lot of girls in my sketchbook, which you can read more about here.

Kitty N. Wong / Etsy Postcards of Madame Bao
I updated my Etsy shop with new postcards and prints. Go check them out here and get some lovely gifts for your friends (or yourself).

Phew, that was a busy and fun month. And now it's APRIL! Which has so far been very gloomy and dark. Happy Spring everyone and for daily updates get over to my Instagram - @kittynwong. 

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