August 28, 2013

Sketches / Dracula Daria from the Juergen Teller Celine Ads

Kitty N. Wong / Daria
 Some sketches I made while procrastinating from making comics yesterday. This is Daria Werbowy in the Celine ads, even if she looks a bit like Dracula here. Painting the background tile patterns was my favourite part. 

When I was in Beijing I bought so many art supplies, they were all pretty cheap, in quality and price. But this notebook is pretty cool, it's like a four ring binder and you can take out the pages for scanning.

Kitty N. Wong / Daria's Talking Head
I also made this Daria head to try to figure out how to draw her face, but seriously, all back ponytails, how does one even draw those?

In other news, I made a sketches and inspiration Tumblog so feel free to follow that!

August 19, 2013

Illustration / Birthday Yarn Hand Lettered Birthay Card

Kitty N. Wong / Purple Yarn Happy Birthday drawing and hand lettering
Birthday Yarn, 2013.

I made this little birthday card for my mom's friend who loves to knit.

Making birthday cards is one of my favourite things to do for friends, it's fun making things for people you love and it's great practice. I love designing them to match their personalities.

A great intro to hand-lettering and script resource is Kait Bos's blogpost.

If you have a crafty friend who has a birthday coming up this card is for sale on my Society6 shop.

August 16, 2013

Intro to Fashion History Comic / Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow Highland Rape

 Issie Buys the Whole Thing.
Editor's Note: Isabella Blow actually buys his graduating collection "Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims" and not Highland Rape (his second collection) the former of which she paid for in £100 installations and he delivered to her each week an outfit in trash bags.

Tsk, tsk, tsk to me for drawing these before fact-checking. I revised the drawings with a new Jack the Ripper Stalks his Victims addition. Here's the original Highland Rape one below, I love how it turned out, with her tiny little feet.

But isn't it funny to think that Alexander McQueen was also once a student? I guess we all start somewhere. The Highland Rape collection was about British designers appropriating Scottish culture for their fashion collections. I could draw McQueen things allllll day, there's so much history and extraordinary cut clothes, it really is a moveable feast.

RIP Lee and Issie.

More Intro to Fashion History comics here.

Fashion History / Fuck Your War Rations, This is the New Look.

Kitty N. Wong / Christian Dior New Look Illustration Ink Comic
I was on the mini-bus home with my mom from the Maron Bouillie Paris RĂ©tro exhibition in Olympian City and I was showing my mom these little comics that I've been loving lately and she was like YOU should make comics but I brushed it off like like what would I even draw about?

And then at 3 AM last night (that's when I get all my ideas, I keep a notebook beside my bed just for that purpose) I had this idea that I should draw comics about fashion history! I've always wanted to do a project about fashion history and this is perfect for it. So here is the first one from the still Untitled Fashion History Comic Project.

This first one is about Christian Dior's extravagant New Look in Post WWII Paris. Enjoy! \And let me know if you have any favourite moments in fashion history you want to see. Tweet me! Or comment below! xx

August 9, 2013

This Month I've Been / July

vintage floral beaded leather wallet
Vintage shopping in Mong Kong, where I picked up this little beated vintage leather wallet. I bought two and I'm selling one and using the other, $28 including worldwide shipping if you're interested! Holla for more photos.

Kitty N. Wong / sketch of George Lois's book Damn Good Advice
Reading snappy inspiration books. I feel like I need to hear at least 5 motivation speeches everyday to get anything done. My friend Helene lent me George Lois's Damn Good Advice, and I'm also enjoying this great talk by Seth Goldin on doing things without permission.

2010 entry to EcoChic Design Awards
Digging things out of the archive. I've been really enjoying posting my old work every Throwback Thursday on Instagram. It's awesome looking at old things and reminding yourself that it's all a process and that you are learning something new each time. This particular one comes from an entry two years ago for the EcoChic Design Award, this is the one from last year. 

scrap paper for testing out paint swatches and paint strokes
Painting fashiony things and playing around with collage.

Kitty N. Wong / Sketchbook live sketch of Whampoa Promenade, Hung Hom.
Live-sketching at Whampoa Promenade.

Lettuce sprouts in toilet paper roll, VSCOCAM
Planting lettuce babies which aren't doing great since we've had a crazy amount of rain here in the last few weeks. I grew the seeds in toilet paper rolls.

Kitty N. Wong / Hong Kong Ballet dancer live sketch
Sketching ballet dancers. I sort of snuck into the Hong Kong Ballet's practice after realizing the HK Museum of Art was closed when I tried to go last last Wednesday. I got kicked out after a little while but it was all much better than the museum anyways.

Cloud dog in sky with painted face
And lastly, Dog says have a nice weekend!

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August 6, 2013

Drawings / Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Star Heels

Kitty N. Wong / Illustration of Giuseppe Zanotti Black and Gold Star Heels
Money, Fame and Forgiveness, 2013.
Pencil and gouache.

The other day my mom and I went to the IFC mall to get cakes and coffees at Agnes B. (we had coupons!). We saw these really glamorous Giuseppe Zanotti gold star heels at their store window and they reminded me of Kim Kardashian and all the things she has that I secretly covet: money, fame, a huge family and an ability to make everyone forgive all your past mistakes.

August 2, 2013

Drawings / Orange You Sad You Didn't Grow Up in the 60's?

Kitty N. Wong / Orange Mod Girl in Pentel brush pen, gouache and Photoshop
Orange you glad Orange is the New Black? Actually I have never seen that show, I've been keeping busy with endless episodes of Peep Show, some anti-saint of productivity has uploaded all 8 series onto Youtube (Bless you!).

Drew this little orange and black mod girl the other night with Pentel brush pen, painted with a bit of gouache and coloured on Photoshop.

August 1, 2013

Recent Work / Food Waste Illustration for Hong Kong Tatler

Kitty N. Wong illustration on food waste in HK for Tatler. Compost pile and excessive dishes
Just a quick little update on my first and newest illustration for! The illo was for an article about food waste in the city and is written by the amazing Janice Leung Hayes AKA e*Ting. I was super excited to work on this because hello Tatler! And also because I love promoting/living life as a composting hippie. Thank you so much to the editor Charmaine for the opportunity! You can read the article here.

Kitty N. Wong idea rough illustration drafts on food waste in HK for Tatler
Some drafts and process shots. Enjoy! And I also made this little Instagram video on how I did the collaged dishes.

Hong Kong illustrator Kitty N. Wong gouache painting on food waste in HK for Tatler. Close up of collaged macaron tower.