March 16, 2014

#theartassignment / EYE GIF

Kitty N. Wong / It Makes Me Feel Good to Look at You
Kitty N. Wong, 2014.
It Makes Me Feel Good to Look at You. Pencil and gouache on paper.
Animated GIF.

I made this GIF for PBS's The Art Assignment, it's my new favourite Youtube show and I feel so happy to be living in a time that something like that is being made and distributed. Making this GIF feels super relevant as I just went to see 'Her' last night, what a beautiful melancholy movie. I absolutely loved the art direction and the video games in the movie, "Perfect Mom"!

Are these eyes not unnerving you a bit? I like how after she blinks a little bit of mascara is left behind on her lower lid. It makes it feel so lifelike, the paper on the whites of the eye gives an allusion of depth and with 'Her' fresh in my mind, maybe even adds a sense of artificial intelligence to them. 

The theme this week was the 'Intimate, Indispensable GIF'. My eyes are probably my most indispensable body part and what I think about most when I think about me. Apart from the obvious visually dominated world I live in as an artist and illustrator, my eyes are especially important because they represent a journey of change and self acceptance. Having gone through and still dealing with hyperthyroid Grave's disease, one of the most obvious symptoms for me were the protruding of the eyes which at the beginning I was so very very self-conscious about. But now after 3 years, on a good day I can sometime say that my eyes are one of my favourite features about myself.

What is your most indispensable body part? Take a look at the video to see artist Toyin Odutola's GIF of her most essential body part.

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