September 3, 2014

August TMI / This Month I: Night Hiked + Quick Sketches

Kitty N. Wong / Lauren Bacall Pen and Ink Illustration
RIP Lauren Bacall, she along with Marilyn Monroe were two of my favourite old Hollywood stars. I used to watch How to Marry A Millionaire on repeat in my early teens. I'll still put it own whenever I'm feeling down. That broad sure was on the level.

Old Master Q Original Draft
Do you guys know about Old Master Q? 老夫子! Ohhh my gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this comic. As a kid living in Hong Kong, I used to go for dim sum with my grandma every weekend and each time she would give me a few bucks to go down to the newsstand to buy the new issue of Old Master Q so I would sit still for a even just a second during the meal. They were selling originals (!) at Sotheby's, I got a chance to check out the exhibition and most of the pieces still had me laughing out loud. So much love.
Kitty N. Wong / Tai Po at Night Sketch
I've been so into night hiking this month, I've been challenging myself each week with a hike from Wong Tai Sin to Sha Tin Wai and it feels so good to see myself improving. And the hike itself is magical too, monkeys (ok, sometimes scary), lighting bugs and the trail ends just 5 mins from the MTR. Ugh! Too good. I drew this little sketch after a walk along the Tai Po Promenade where the sampans were parked for the night, romantic!

Kitty N. Wong / Strawberry Milk Illustration
Pink is the word, is the word that you heard. It's got groove, it's got meaning. Pink is the time, is the place, it's the motion. Pink is the way we are feeling. I've been collection pink things this month just by accident: strawberry fields Tic Tacs (ew!), plastic hair thingymabobs, Japanese peach candies with adorable packaging, my new Kate Spade Saturday card case and my Strawberry Milk illustrated postcard.

Kitty N. Wong / DIY Hot Sauce Label
One of my favourite things about being an illustrator is drawing ridiculously inane things for my friends for their birthdays. May I present 'Jumpin' Josh Hot Sauce', so hot it'll make you hop.

Kitty N. Wong / Hand Drawn Paper Crowns
At last, it's my 27th birthday and just like that I'm in my late twenties. How did that happen? I did a casual day at the beach and BBQ in the evening at Shek O this year and I made these illustrated crowns for all my friends to wear for the festivities. Ifffffff I could turn back time (then I'd be Cher, I guess).

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