March 26, 2014

Streetstyle / Affordable Art Fair - 4 Best Looks Illustrated

Kitty N. Wong / Fashion Streetstyle Illustration - Lulu
Who: Lulu, works in finance.
Loving: For the print obsessed, artist Emma Hack was on site with a live art demonstration. Where she painted a model's body to camouflage her into an elaborate floral backdrop.

emma hack vine leaf camo live painting demo
This past Friday, at the Arty-licious evening during the Affordable Art Fair, hundreds of chic art lovers convened to gather inspiration, drink a few cocktails and pick up some new pieces for their homes. So I stopped by pen and notebook in hand to illustrate some of the best looks from the evening and to find out what was on everyone's to-buy list for

Keep reading to see my four other favourite looks and some photos from the fair.

March 17, 2014

Recent Work / Food x Fashion Illustrations for Hong Kong Tatler

Kitty N. Wong / Girl with Craft Beer illustration

I just finished the latest illustration for the Food Pulse series for Hong Kong Tatler Dining. All about where fashion and food intersect, I was commissioned to illustrate the series featuring food trends in the city. This week's it's all about craft breweries in the city and the last one, on the rise of the 'bao' appeared in the January print issue of Hong Kong Tatler magazine.
Kitty N. Wong / Madame Bao hat illustration
There's more baos to be had, 3 more to be exact. Head on over to the Tatler website to see the rest of the illustrations. Click here for The Food Pulse: Bao. And here to read The Food Pulse: Craft Beer.

Thank you so much to the editor Charmaine!

March 16, 2014

#theartassignment / EYE GIF

Kitty N. Wong / It Makes Me Feel Good to Look at You
Kitty N. Wong, 2014.
It Makes Me Feel Good to Look at You. Pencil and gouache on paper.
Animated GIF.

I made this GIF for PBS's The Art Assignment, it's my new favourite Youtube show and I feel so happy to be living in a time that something like that is being made and distributed. Making this GIF feels super relevant as I just went to see 'Her' last night, what a beautiful melancholy movie. I absolutely loved the art direction and the video games in the movie, "Perfect Mom"!

Are these eyes not unnerving you a bit? I like how after she blinks a little bit of mascara is left behind on her lower lid. It makes it feel so lifelike, the paper on the whites of the eye gives an allusion of depth and with 'Her' fresh in my mind, maybe even adds a sense of artificial intelligence to them. 

The theme this week was the 'Intimate, Indispensable GIF'. My eyes are probably my most indispensable body part and what I think about most when I think about me. Apart from the obvious visually dominated world I live in as an artist and illustrator, my eyes are especially important because they represent a journey of change and self acceptance. Having gone through and still dealing with hyperthyroid Grave's disease, one of the most obvious symptoms for me were the protruding of the eyes which at the beginning I was so very very self-conscious about. But now after 3 years, on a good day I can sometime say that my eyes are one of my favourite features about myself.

What is your most indispensable body part? Take a look at the video to see artist Toyin Odutola's GIF of her most essential body part.

March 14, 2014

How to Make Better Art: 10 Ways to Develop a Creative Routine + Get Better

Kitty N. Wong / sketchbook portrait of woman in gouache with pencil and pink background
Say Lou Lou. 2014.
Pencil and gouache on sketchbook paper. Made just before bed, my most creative time.

The only way to get better at something is to practice it, and to practice regularly you must create a routine and stick with it. During the last year or two working as an artist and illustrator these are the top 10 habits I've learned so far to help me develop my craft.

1. Don't apologize for your work. I know its tempting because your work won't be as good as you want it to be yet and you don't want anyone thinking that's all you have inside you. You have so much more you want to express, I know! But fight it, if you don't believe in your work how can other people? If it's not as good as you want, re-work it until you can accept it. Share it and then leave it at that, don't make any excuses.

Kitty N. Wong / Seth Goldin quote in pencil
2. It's OK to make ugly stuff. Experiment in your sketchbook or scrap pieces of paper for even less pressure. It keeps your work fresh and you can find and explore new directions. Continually experiment. Try something that might not work, that's what making art is.


March 9, 2014

Recent Work / Dinner Party Seating Arrangements for Hong Kong Tatler

Kitty N. Wong / Dinner party illustration for Hong Kong Tatler
A simple, bright, clean illustration for an new article from Hong Kong Tatler on whether couples should be split or sat together at dinner parties? The illustration was inked in ballpoint pen (Stabilo Liner 808 F, naturally) and coloured digitally.

I'm for split in case you were wondering, dinner parties are for meeting new people! What do you guys think? Separate or together? Also, invite me to dinner parties you fancy pants!

Read the article here.

As always, thanks to the wonderful editor Charmaine.

March 4, 2014

February TMI / This Month I: Spent Sweetly

colourful bindis pack
February was short, but sweet. In an effort to dress more interestingly, I bought some bindis from my local Indian corner store, they're shaped like an upside down flower in unexpected bright colour combinations and I've been having such a good time wearing them. HKD $10/pack, cheap and cheerful.

Kitty N. Wong / kiss me hand drawn type pink
This year I was really into Valentines Day, a little hand written love note I made (for myself). Various sources have accused me of being overly obsessed with kissing, or as I like to call it, smooching. But that's ridiculous, noone can have too many kisses.

Duddell's Foreign Presence with 1960's fashion shoot in Hong Kong
At the Duddell's "Foreign Presence" exhibition, featuring a series of photos from a 1962 fashion shoot in Hong Kong by Francesco Scavullo for Harper's Bazaar. The show is on until May. 

hand holding Happiness Project book on wood table
A little shopping complex opened near our place and my mom and I went in to browse and discovered a bookstore! Alas they only had 2 English books (no lie), and I bought one of them! So many tips and new perspective on happiness in this book by Gretchen Rubin.

swimming in Tai Tam waterfall Hong Kong
My friend Helene and I went hiking! We bought picnic supplies from City Super and took the leisurely 2 hour hike to Tai Tam Reservoir and waterfall. Bliss! We did however get lost on our way back and had to hike to the bus in almost complete darkness, luckily we were not attacked by 山賊 or wild pandas.

pistachio cake at Messina Italian in Hong Kong
Taking the advice of the Happiness Project book, I decided to "spend out" and splurge on a deliciously fine lunch for my parents and I, all the better since it was Hong Kong restaurant week. We indulged in the 3 course lunch set at Messina, an Italian restaurant in Hung Hom, complete with molten pistachio cake, petite fours and full leaf peppermint tea. 

Kitty N. Wong / sketch of a girl
As a freelance illustrator, needless to say I spend way too much of my time on Pinterest, whenever I see a portrait on there that catches my eye I like to do a quick drawing of it in my sketchbook. It's spontaneous good practice.

1960's Architecture photography
SCAD DeFINE Art Exhibition showcasing the best of their graduating students' work. One of my favourites was MFA candidate Johnny Gin's photography series on HK's historic architecture. 

hot pink invites for Fixation Exhibition
Invitations to Fixation were printed! I got to catch a glimpse of my Cat Marnell painting being used for the event invite, so exciting. The show opens today in Melbourne's Town Hall Gallery!

Kitty N. Wong / Lupita and Katell sketchbook
I love to go to the library to read magazines to relax and get inspiration. Reading Dazed and Confused and came across a strikingly beautiful portrait of filmmaker Katell Quillévéré so I made a sketch.

I hope you had a sweet February too. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates @kittynwong.

March 2, 2014

Paintings / Lindsay Lohan

Kitty N. Wong/ Lindsay. Gouache, gold leaf acrylic portrait painting
Kitty N. Wong, 2013.
Lindsay. Gouache, pencil, acrylic and gold leaf on paper.
39cm x 27cm.

Another one from the Women I've Wanted to Be series. Although I'm not sure I would actually want to be Lindsay Lohan, I do find her to be a beautiful and enigmatic figure of our current pop-scape, from child star to those tumultous months she spent with Samantha Ronson and now as the 27 year old we are all rooting for to make a comeback.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with gold leaf for this piece, it was the first time I ever used it. I'm always fascinated by videos of artisans applying the tissue thin sheets and this time I got to try it. My desk is still covered with little specks and it's kind of magical.

Lindsay was sent off for the Fixation exhibition at Town Hall Gallery which opens tomorrow!